How To Treat Fungal Infection – 6 Easy Ways

Natural ways to beat fungus. Do you have
questions about fungal infections like who gets them? Where do they happen? Is it
a toenail fungus, a chronic sinus infection, a respiratory disease and what
are the treatment options and how can you prevent it? So after watching this
video, you’ll know the four types of infections, how you can avoid fungus, you’ll
know the difference between yeast candida and fungus and what treatments
are available and the six solutions for treating fungal infections and as a
bonus, the four advanced therapies for candida, yeast and fungal infections. Hi,
this is Dr. Jason West in the West Clinic in four generations, a hundred
years of healing with me and now, before I go on, I need your help, I want to you
to help as many people as possible a cause to help people achieve and
maintain optimal health without going to doctors, without unnecessary drugs,
without unnecessary surgery, aggressive interventions and the value that I bring
to you is that the information and the report that goes with it,
and in return, would you please like and share the video? Thank you for doing that.
I was asked yesterday by a patient, “What can you do about infection?” I replied,
‘What type of infection?” because there are four types of infection, there’s bacteria,
there’s virus, there’s parasites and fungi and after the discovery of
antibiotics, it seemed like everyone assumed infections were bacterial and we
just hammered people with antibiotics, it was called the wonder drug. The
dictionary defines anti means fighting or posed or against and bios is the
Greek word for life, so it literally means life killing therapy. Now I’m not
anti-medicine but I feel you should use antibiotics cautiously because they can
be life-saving but they can also have some detrimental side effects to your
health and I need to talk about side effects. Drugs either have effects or
they don’t, there’s no such thing as a side effect. Okay, I have seen hundreds of
patients with the effects of antibiotics and often antibiotics are the cause or
the contributing factor the chronic yeast or Candida infections so let’s
talk about yeast and mold and mushrooms. I mean who really eats those? I mean we
need an MRI schedule your brain if you are a fungus or
mushroom eater. Now I say that jokingly because I don’t like the taste of
mushrooms but it’s a proven fact that people that eat mushrooms eventually die.
Okay, I’ll drop the comedy act, I just have an aversion to mushrooms. I mean, do
you know that they grow on? Seriously, it’s poop, okay, alright, nevermind
about the fecal living organisms, the video must go on. Really this is a good
place to talk about the definitions because mold, yeast, mildew, they’re all
fungus, the word gets used interchangeably and many times people
are talking about yeast, candida or candida fungus and to describe the same
thing, now yeast are unicellular fungi while fungus are made up of long tubes
of Heifetz like basically a bunch of them and Candida basically is the
precursor in yeast, it’s kind of like a butterfly so it’s just different life
cycles of the organism. Now there are different areas that the yeast or
candida fungus, the monster likes to go after, you can have skin problems like
athlete’s foot, jock itch, fingernail or toenail fungus and ringworm and why is
this such a problem? Because Americans unintentionally fertilize the yeast or
the Candida and who does that? It’s because the American diet is filled with
so much sugar and simple carbs, that’s one way to address the problem.. If you
starve the fungus, you’ll start feeling worse because it’s releasing toxins and
the natural thing to do is to start eating sugar and then the yeast laps up
and it’s sugar and then you feel better but your conditions stay the same so
yeast and Candida multiplies and it makes us crave sugar, that’s why it’s
such a difficult thing to take care of and how do you know if you have a yeast
problem? One clue is the symptoms, things like oral thrush, fingernail or toenail
fungus, vaginal yeast infections or even patches on your skin your, respiratory
system you can get into your lungs, there can also be systemic Candida which can
get into your muscles, your lungs and your brain. Now I believe Candida is a
huge contributing factor to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome or the new
name, systemic, exertion, tolerance disease. I mean, that sounds way better than
chronic disease. Now a lot of medical practitioners don’t believe in Candida
or systemic Candida like it’s some type of a religion or something and like Will
Rogers statement here, there’s two sides to every argument.
Lying and the wrong one, so a lot of medical practitioners, they just miss the
boat on yeast and Candida. Now the medical practitioners who do recognize
these problems may be treating them wrong,
many antifungals affect liver and kidney function especially if you mix the
antifungals with alcohol or another drug therapy and antifungals weaken the
heart’s ability to contract, this can lead to heart failure and the medicine
that the antifungals reactant are usually common prescriptions, or
over-the-counter medicines. Now fungus are microorganisms that are present
everywhere, indoors, outdoors. In fact, there’s over 50,000 types of fungi in
the environment, they can coexist or live on your skin for years without a problem
but sometimes, it change happens and then the infection occurs and it can be
ringworm on your head or nail beds or candidiasis, it can be in the mouth, a
vaginal tract or the urinary tract. Now it’s kind of a trick question at the
beginning of the video because it says, “How can we avoid fungus?” How can you
avoid mold? And the answer is that you can’t, the way that you don’t have those
infections is you’ve got to make sure that your immune system is healthy and
you don’t intentionally feed the candida, this can be brought on by a weakened
immune system side effects of antibiotics, diabetes, poor hygiene, warm
and moist environments, poor circulation or a traumatic skin injury. So let’s talk
about something that’s really important.. If you’re having fungal concerns or
problems, it’s a sign that your immune system isn’t working. Let me repeat that.
A fungal infection is a sign of a deeper problem and you can’t avoid fungus or
yeast or mold spores, they’re everywhere and the immune system takes care of it
when it’s healthy, if you have the immune system deficiencies or lifestyle
problems, where you’re unintentionally just feeding or fertilizing the yeast
and then this thing called stress. Now stress, too much sugar, not enough sleep
and empty calorie diet, what? That means you can get food space takers, now what
does that mean? It means that you can get food in your system, it’s of no well
substance. In my opinion, the only long-term viable solution for a chronic
yeast or Candida infection is to work on the person and not the
yeast, you must change the environment and make the person healthy, rely on a pill
or an antifungal medicine I believe is a recipe for disaster. So let’s talk about
solutions.. Here’s the best way to treat these types of infections. Number one,
remove the food source, stop eating food cocaine. Now I say that because it sounds
cool and everyone says sugar is more addictive than cocaine so avoid sugar.
Apple cider vinegar helps to kill fungus infections and the acidic properties
helps to kill the problem and you can use it externally and you can use it
internally and for systemic conditions, I really like plain yogurt not sugarfied
yogurt, I love garlic because it helps to kill the fungus, the bacteria and the
yeast and oils like tea tree oil, oregano oil, peppermint, and clove oil. Now my
favorite thing to do for anti-fungal Candida yeast is a natural Native
American remedy called Lomatium, it’s a wild crafted herb, originally
discovered by the Native Americans that bolsters the immune system and I believe
it’s the number one remedy for fungal infections, for yeast problems and for
systemic Candida. There are two ways to get this, you can get as a tincture, as a
capsule and this is particularly effective against fungal skin infections
because it literally burns up the fungus and it leaves your healthy tissue intact
and you rub this on your toenail or your fingernail and it really really helps
that type of fungus but I must urge you, its consistency, if you treat those
areas consistently with Lomatium, it will help, in my experience. Now you
have to figure out who is more determined you or the fungus, so you take
the Lomtium, you rub it on your toenails and fungus and you can order through
that, you can order that through the West Clinic online or Ntures NX. Now
for the people that are not responding to the home therapy, there’s some
advanced therapies that are important to help your immune system. Number one,
vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, it’s my favorite overall vitamin, you may
want to couple that with ultraviolet bloody radiation therapy or UV RX
therapy and then dilute hydrochloric acid. A one to five hundred dilution has
some fantastic immune stimulating and some lymph node flushing therapy
and then neural therapy helps to reset the nervous system, I talked about this
on in most every video because it’s literally life-changing. So to summarize
the information, you can’t avoid fungus you got to be healthy. If you have a
fungal problem, it’s a sign that your immune system isn’t working that well
and antifungal medicines interact with common prescriptions and
over-the-counter medicines and they’re very hard on the liver and kidney, the
only way to win against and Candida our yeast problem is to make the body
healthy, it’s kind of like the Humpty Dumpty plan, you’re on a wall, you fall
off, you’re in pieces, you have to have someone help put the pieces back
together. To beat this, you need to follow the candida diet and by the way, as a
bonus, if you’ll message me, I’ll send you my favorite candida diet outline and
then Lomatium is the best treatment for Candida systemically in my opinion.
You can put Lomatium directly on the skin areas, your
fingernails and toenails, it works great as long as you’re consistent, based upon
my clinical experience and the feedback that my patients are giving me and then
some people with Candida, long-standing yeast and Candida infections, the only
way in my opinion to beat those is to do the IV vitamin C, some type of
ultraviolet therapy and possibly some dilute hydrochloric acid therapy. Thanks
for watching the video, this is Dr. Jason West in the West Clinic. There’s always
hope and our mission is to help as many people as possible
to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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