How to Treat Intestinal Gas | Stomach Problems

The best way of treating gas is to understand
where the gas is coming from. If you notice that you are having more burping,
that is probably related to swallowing air, which is the probably most common way of how
we acquire gas. If you drink with a straw, or you talk and
eat, laugh and eat, or you tend to swallow a lot of air when you’re talking, or when
you’re eating. You’ve got to be cognizant of it and maybe
stop drinking with a straw or eat a little bit slower. Just be cognizant that you are not swallowing
as much air. Then the other thing is, if it is dietary,
there are a lot of dietary aids that you can use to help digest the foods to help reduce
the gas. Lactose intolerants are people who can’t drink
milk. When they drink milk, they may note that they
get very gassy. They can either take Lactaid milk or they
can try Lactaid pills, or they can try different types of milk that are not dairy milks, such
as hemp milk, rice milk, or soy milk. There are certain people who can’t digest
wheat, either gluten intolerance or celiac disease. When they eat wheat, they tend to get very
gassy because they don’t have the enzymes, or they don’t tolerate eating wheat. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates that
they’re eating or completely take it out of their diet, it may help with their bloating
and their gas. Gas is also produced by a malfunction of the
bacteria in our colons so that it’s not efficiently digesting our food. By taking a pro-biotic, or having some Greek
yogurt, that helps to bring the healthy bacteria back in and really help our digestion, and
help thereby help reduce some of the gas that we’re expelling.

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  1.  was wondering about the colon,,,  ive had this weird sensation down near my bladder,, i dont know what it is, but sometimes its a lil uncomfortable, im 46,, + my belly blows up when i eat ,, ive been taking a probiotic, and eating better  i used to smoke alot like for 20 years and i have a bad anxiety prob, so i thought it was the smoke that was making my bowels all colorful and diarrah,  but im drinking alot of water mixxed up with lemon, and i drink warm tea,    could you help me a little?? ty Victor…

  2. Top tip ( of my choice ) lay still and dont! Move! Stay as still as you can can when the pain goes away ( ca 30 50 min) try to move when it dont hurts the pain is away dont try to drink soda or stuff like that after words hope this helped

  3. The best and most obvious way to treat intestinal gas is to let out a rip-roaring, gusset-vibrating, earth-shattering fart – preferably in ultra-polite company. It may cause an earthquake in Mexico, or a tsunami in Japan – but at least then life would be a 'gas' !

  4. i need help i get really horrible pains that come for like 5 seconds to 10 and goes away for a bit and then get diarrhoea but it only happens when i drink milk?

  5. I've been terrorized by gas sometimes its worse pain than puking and that don't help thx I'm in pain don't listen

    I need help on REALLY bad stomache Akes. I have celiac disease so when I eat gluten my stomach hurts so bad I'm doubling over and crying! Can someone plz give me a tip on how to stop this severe stomache pain?

  7. I have had stomach issues for awhile.
    I get bloated super easily.
    I try to eat twice a day.
    But I can't digest food on my own.
    Unless its something like yogurt.
    I use to have bulimia.
    Also I use to use alot of drugs.
    So I think that they both screwed my system up. I can't even digest without some type of laxitives.

  8. I fart all the time in church. I blame it all on jesus. But I do love some of the vids with cartoon turds flying here and here and headed for the toilet. One way trip, just like going to church and prayer to god or someone. Last week i went to a doc for my gas and constipation and all he did was jerk me off. Said it would help my stress problems and the leakage and smells. Geez, I think I'll just stick with the beer enemas.

  9. I have a lot of stomach problems at school and I blame it on my appendix that was taken out when I was five but I can't eat anything without feeling like my intestines are going to blow up

  10. my stomach is growling early. today and I'm lay down its still growling. it hurts. I got bubbles 😂😂omg

  11. i also have gas problem my all tests normal and coz of gas i get vertigo and fast heartbeat suddenly…have eaten all antibiotics and probiotics..i dont have a life anymore

  12. my stomach will gurgle and make really loud noises in class and it's really annoying and embarrassing. it's not farting cuz it's inside my stomach. and it kinda hurts

  13. Ah at my school i drink my milk through a straw, i guess that's how i got the stomach pain and farting, i drink it through a straw cause i like it that way. But i guess i gotta drink with my mouth. 🙁

  14. Your stomach hurts cuz its empty. Empty stomach means high risk of getting air in your stomach. Be sure to eat

  15. Im having random and extreme pain in my stomach. It feels like gas going through my intestine and the pain just comes and goes. Any treatment or cure?

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