How to Treat Iron Deficiency : Natural Solution Low Iron – VitaLife Show Episode 176

Welcome to the VitaLife show
I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today’s topic is all
about the symptoms of iron deficiency very very common and why it’s best to take a whole food
iron supplement which is you know really really difficult to find
on market place but now we got one so I’ll tell you all about that please
stay tuned right to the end of the video so you get our great health information and
health tips and make sure you Subscribe to our channel as well so who does this effect now mostly in
my practice over the years I’ve seen that women are mostly affected by having
a low iron levels not to say that man as well can have an
iron deficiency problem but women because we’re menstrual cycles
having babies pregnancy we tend to have more on this issue with having a low iron level and unfortunately parasite so people don’t
put that linked together chronic low iron levels can very much be
linked to parasites and having parasites in the intestines especially that are robbing you of your iron. Eating
your iron for you to survive so that’s one thing that
often misdiagnosed undiagnosed and we keep supplementing it
with iron but we’re not looking at the root cause could be those parasites that
are causing in the first place so what are the symptoms how would you
know that your iron is deficient. Well first and foremost
fatigue so you’re tired all the time maybe your pale so whether that’s in
your skin you just look pale the nail beds could also so when you
press down on your nail of course not without nail
polish and you press down and when you let go we should see that blood flow comes
right back if you are iron deficient then it
doesn’t come back as quickly as it should you can also look under your eyes so if
you actually look under eye if you look
at that tissue there should be pink if it’s not pink if its very pale
telltale sign of iron deficiency maybe have brittle nails your hair could be falling out again
your iron could be low restless leg syndrome so a study was done
actually fifteen percent of people who had restless leg syndrome
also had chronic anemia so a low iron level it
could be to you that you have irritability and anxious and
these are signs that your iron could be low as well as shortness of breath so when you
walk up stairs do you get outta breath this could be
your iron level as well as your blood pressure so slow blood pressure and you may know this if
you’re sitting or lying down and you get out quickly and you feel kinda dizzy that’s a sign
of low blood pressure this could be related to your low iron levels as well now do you have a chronic low thyroid
maybe your medicated for your thyroid and this could be because you’re iron is
deficient and because the iron deficiency actually
slows down the proper functioning of the thyroid glands so
something to check out because you know you could
have difficulty losing weight your thyroid could be low and that’s
because you’re iron levels are low headache so not having enough
oxygenation to the brain and of course we know that
iron help to carry oxygen in the blood stream not getting enough that oxygenation to
the brain can cause those headaches so do you have chronic headaches ask
yourself it’s not normal to have headaches ever
so what is the root cause and you know the naturopath we’re always looking at
the root cause as to why something is happening in the body and then treating it naturally so one of
the greatest ways to treat of course to take iron but not all
iron supplements are created equal if you’ve been prescribed an iron
supplement by your doctor you know if we may think it’s natural
not natural synthetically made and unfortunately
often very very hard on the stomach causing constipation stomach pains and a
lot of people just can’t tolerate well there is a huge void in the market I
actually created VitaTree Whole food Iron Complex really easy on
the stomach easily digested you’re gonna absolutely
love it in the absorption is phenomenal so
you’ll start to feel a result again your iron levels at your energy comes back your
metabolism is better because retirees working better your hair stops falling I mean all the
things that we talked about in terms of the symptoms basically disappear because now you’re
supplementing in the right form of Iron absolutely love it check
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65 thoughts on “How to Treat Iron Deficiency : Natural Solution Low Iron – VitaLife Show Episode 176

  1. Hi well im always tired and when im sitting down and i get up i get dizzy i kinda see things black. I done a blood test and it said that my iron and vitamin d are very low. He prescribed tablets but usually tablets don't work with me very well including the fact i hate medication as well! Is low iron caused by over eating, eating junk or under eating

  2. great info I get very dizzy after I had my son I've had iron issues I will definitely buy the complex …where can I find it…whole foods store??

  3. i had severe headaches and dizziness…non stop and the drs still couldnt figure it out

    its only when i switched to a good iron supplement nearly two years later that i started to get well

  4. I have dizziness for over a week now.Tomorrow I am getting my blood test results.I am 15 years old and recently I started a diet.Can anyone reply if iron deficiency can cause dizziness.I'm so so scared and worried…Please answer

  5. Good points. I will check them out.

    For me, I have had dizziness for weeks. I have been taking iron medicines and my diet has changed. But still nothing works. My friends say I look good. But my body feels tired, dizzy, sick and slight headaches. I can't really breathe through my mouth properly.. I mean, I do breathe through my nose but whenever I wake up from sleep. I feel like I need to catch air. I am having another blood test in 2 days.

    Its been making me lack work, or any motivation and it makes me so behind on my coursework for college. It really sucks. 😞 I feel faint most of the time it gets so scary.

  6. I have 1 yrs old who's extremely low in iron and I don't want to give her the fake stuff . Can't I use your supplement and if saw how much would I give her and his often ? Please help!

  7. Great video! I have been taking ferrous sulfate 325 mg once a day. I have diarrhea with what seems to be mucus. Is it because of the iron pill? And I have no appetite. Thank you!

  8. hi there. today for the first time my iron was low when donating blood  could It be because I was on my periods? thanks

  9. If you have low Iron does your head feel weird and your always tired because I am having that and I don't know what it is

  10. Ive already checked up on a medical mission and they said i do have lack of iron and now i feel my eyes are blurring is it posible this is iron deficiency too?

  11. Hello . my blood test results for iron is 19…….The normal range is 10 to 170……will be that a reason that I'm tired and dizzy all the time?

  12. For the past five years I've left my anemia untreated after being diagnosed by my practitioner and lately I've been having major heart palpitations and arrhythmia, I also seem to get extremely light headed after waking up in the mornings and I'm exhausted throughout most of the day.. so I just wanted to know if there are any severe life/death complications from having my anemia (low iron deficiency) left untreated after all this time besides the symptoms I already have?

  13. hi. thanks for your video. I am just starting to supplement with iron because I've been extremely dizzy and tired with cognitive problems lately. I've been ill for over two and a half years with no help from doctors. it started from an adverse reaction to an antidepressant years ago. I've had absolutely debilitating cognitive problems and brain fog lost hair dry skin low sex drive breathing problems heart problems and gut issues. I've tried so many things and am going to try iron because I have so many iron deficiency symptoms. do you think it's possible that all of this can be related to iron deficiency? I've heard that certain medications can deplete iron. I'm 24 and desperate to be well again. to say that my ill health has been depressing is an absolute understatement. sorry for the long winded explanation. any feedback would be appreciated. thanks

  14. Does one necessarily have to be anemic to have an iron deficiency? I have low blood pressure, my head feels as though it's not getting enough oxygen, I feel dizzy after standing up from tying my sneakers. Doctors could find no major issues after many test. All sorts of head scans..negative.
    And I have to catch my breath after talking to quickly. I have heart palpations, and stomach nervousness. Can't do cardio the way I use to…a straight 20 minutes.

  15. hi, i m 22 year old male. Can u plzz tell me what causes foam during urination
    i regularly eat 8 to 9 banana,4 to 5 boilled eggs, dry fruits, milk with protinx, brown rice, nuts.
    can these cause any type of health issues

  16. So I have RLS and the other night I had it SO bad I thought I wanted to die. The next day I seen something regarding Iron. So I went and got some Iron. Took some yesterday and had NO RLS at all last night. It was like living again to not have to move every minute in the night and only getting 3 hours of sleep. Although I still have sleep problems I did not have RLS last night which was great!

  17. Hi so I already know my iron is low so my doctor gave me some red colored pills and they are supposed to help me but how do I know that they are working?

  18. whenever I'm getting up my head is hurting, I have a temporary faint for like 3 or 4 seconds and feel very dizzy..lately my lips also became kinda darker..has this anything to do with low iron?

  19. So I've been seeing a new Dr… He has discovered that my iron is low and has me on a natural T4/ T3 for my thyroid instead of my usual Synthriod. I have ordered your iron supplement and parasite cleanse. I have all symptoms you describe for low iron. I would give anything for my fatigue to go away. could my thyroid problems have been low iron all along?? should I be concerned that my body may not need the higher dose of thyroid hormone i am now on?

  20. Hello I hv aproblem I enjoy eating dust what causes that is it that I hv iron deficient .how can I solve that bcz I want to stop but am just addicted

  21. hi firstly thank you for up loading this video can I ask my son who is 11 has low iron reserves which was at 15 his hemoglobin level was 12.5 which was deemed ok
    dietitian said she was shocked how he has this problem with the foods he eats
    but it could be how his body absorbs all other blood results came back ok
    could there be any other reason why he can have this


  22. Hi again,
    What do you recommend your ferritin to be at? I had mines check the other day and it was at a 6 and I had a check about six months ago and it was a 5 it doesn't seem to go up. Do you know what might cause it not to go up? I've tried some supplements within the same time like digestive enzymes,proteolicic enzymes, milk thisal. I've noticed if they caused detox reactions could that deplete ferritin storage?

  23. I don't know why I'm watching this, I've had anemia for 3 years/already know of all the symptoms and treatments lol.

  24. i always have no energy and once i tired b12 that was not bad ,then some one else said maybe its because o anxiety ,someone else says lack of iron that did not show anything in my blood test.i changed a lot of doctor and no one know anything to help me, they dont care when i refer them and complain

  25. I have an iron level of 14. am i close to iron Deficiency or anemia? . The doctor was not clear. I take iron tablets without really knowing why? I heard woen should normally have a iron level of 60. But I have 14. Is that really bad. I feel cold even when its blazing hot outside. I feel lethargic. Im 14 years old. Please reply soon I'd like to hear from a doctor

  26. Hi thank you for the information. I exhibit a lot of these symptoms. I have tingling in my legs as well as restless legs. I'm very tired and fatigued all the time. Even after I wake. It's really becoming a problem because I have no energy to do anything. My scalp is extremely dry no oils or moisture and it is thinning rapidly… I just bought some iron pills from health food store as well as floravital. My hair is also grating fast. I'm constantly dizzy or off balance, the doctors prescribe meclizine but it really makes me sleepy n fatigued as well.!!! Please is there help for me??!!

  27. I have a very low ferritin level and that is 9. I am taking iron supplement 325 mg according to doctor prescription.should I do any other medication ? I am quite worried about my health.

  28. Hi, I hope you see this. Can low iron make you anxious and cause palpitations when standing or walking around? Does it also make you feel like you have vertigo, as if your head is swimming? Also does it make you feel like your legs are heavy or have a lot of pressure at the knees? Would it also make you feel unbalanced when walking? Can you get short of breath just by sitting or simply moving a little bit? Short of breath that comes and goes, is that also a sign. Does it mess with your memory? Can you eat Quaker oatmeal and still take Centurm multivitamins that has iron in it? I hope I haven't asked too much.

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