How to Use Cold Email for Marketing Distribution? 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

– In this episode of Cold Email Teardowns, I’m gonna take you into the Spam box and show you the right way to send people free information, and the best way to start with that is to show you the wrong way. So, here is one email that we
have, that we’re looking at. Gonna tear it down today
and see what we can improve. So, let’s take this email, and first, put it into a Google
Doc so we can play with it. Here we are. The first thing I wanted
to draw your attention to, or the first thing to think about here is what are you trying to
accomplish with this email? That’s the first question you should have, really, with any email campaign. The goal of this email, which is in Spam, most likely because it
looks a hell of a lot like a spam email with all this
caps and all of these links, is to send this LinkedIn funnel checklist. By the way, when you click this link, it goes to a landing page
and has an email capture. So, if their goal is to
build their email list, there’s no reason to
send this checklist out. If their goal is to sell something, they should be selling in the cold email. But let’s assume you actually had a value add checklist to deliver. Let’s assume for a second, or
let’s pretend for a second, that this checklist is
actually super valuable, and what I wanna do is rewrite this email for the distribution of an article. Maybe you’re sending an
article to cold clients because you wanna do more
of a longer sales cycle, maybe your cold emails
aren’t getting responded to and in your specific industry
it’s better to deliver this type of value first. First thing I wanna look
at is the subject line. “Marketing and advertising
industry are freaking out!” (chuckles) This a terrible subject line. It’s very click-baity, very BuzzFeed. “Question about your Linkedin.” So, “Alex, LinkdIn has changed recently “and people in the Marketing
and Advertising industry “are freaking out! “But, the truth is, it really
doesn’t matter that LinkedIn “is constantly updating
their look and feel. “LinkedIn is a tool and
will always change.” So, this reads more like a blog post, and it’s super long. Remember our rules for cold email, right? Our best practices. Make sure the email can
be read on an iPhone, five sentences or less. So with those in mind, let’s
knock this out of the park. So, when you’re rewriting your cold email, especially if it’s a
really long one like this, one of the first things I like to do is batch them into groups. So, this first section is talking about the value of LinkedIn itself. Then, this next section talks about the value of the checklist. And this third one talks about why someone needs the checklist. Then, finally, the
call-to-action at the end. And then there’s a P.S.
and an Unsubscribe. I’m gonna remove this P.S.
just ’cause it’s insanely bad. And so, let’s tackle each
section individually. So, the value of LinkedIn could be covered with the same template that we always use. So, they’re appealing to marketers, right? So, why restate the value of LinkedIn? Especially if you’re gonna phrase it as, “We all know as marketers
the value of LinkedIn.” So, instead, do something like, “Came across your LinkedIn profile, “super impressed with your background. “It’s clear you know how to use LinkedIn “as a marketing tool. “This LinkedIn Funnel process is created “by LinkedIn expert, Trevor Turnbull, “and has been successfully implemented “by thousands of people.” Trevor Turnbull, I’ve never heard of him, but if we assume that he’s famous then we can mention his name. Otherwise, it’s not
really worth mentioning people’s names like this, unless it’s really gonna
get people to light up. So, one sentence that hits that. “Trevor Turnbull, a
LinkedIn marketing expert “with over X profile views.” This is some kind of backing, right? If you’re gonna name a
celebrity that somebody might not have heard about, or an expert, give them some sort of expertise, rather than just calling them
a LinkedIn marketing expert. I would even remove the
word expert and just say, “A LinkedIn marketer with
over X profile views,” or whatever that measure of success is that Trevor Turnbull has. Why someone needs the checklist? I’ll just remove that. Then we’ll combine this CTA
with the why it should happen, and then, thanks. “Do you wanna take a look? “Happy to send it over, “just want to get your permission first. “Thanks, Delilah.” And that’s either gonna get a yes or a no, and that’s an opt-in, right? You don’t have to send them
to a fancy opt-in form. Just getting a yes or a no
from this email is enough. Thanks for watching the video. If you found this valuable, please like it to encourage
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