HUMC staff gets patient past near-death case of pneumonia

I love making myself better I love making my athletes better I love helping people really want them to reach their goals that they never thought they would reach. About three and a half months ago it felt like someone was stabbing me in the side with a knife or something. I couldn’t even stand I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move. It was a pretty severe case of pneumonia I went to the emergency room I had two surgeries they said couple more days if I would’ve wait I would have had sepsis, which is you know basically, basically death. The Greatness Within Hoboken University Medical Center is definitely the people. The nurses and doctors and of course the surgeons took the junk out of my lung and got me back on my feet, doing this job that I love. They definitely save my life in that aspect.

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  1. my husband had the same exact case! was treated by Hoboken University but eventually transferred to Mt Sinai in New York…. luckily he is home with us now and healthy!

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