Hurricane delays flu vaccines

Health Alert all parents and caregivers need to hear flu season is here but even been looking for the vaccine you may have been told there’s a shortage news for Jax reporter crystal Chan spoke to the Department of Health about what’s to blame the time to get your flu shot is now but your appointment may have to wait as local doctors brace for a delay in vaccine shipments we’ve had some delays in deliveries due to the hurricane hurricane Michael in Florence have added new complications to this flu season by forcing roadways to shut down and causing delays that has indeed impacted delivery for all types of vaccines but FluMist is one of those and so we are certainly seeing some delays while the Duval County Health Department waits for shipment of the FluMist to arrive in the next week or so the shot version is still available blue clinics at Duval County schools were also rescheduled in September as a result of Hurricane Florence Healthy Schools says the clinics are getting back on track offering in-school flu shots to students in the district make updates for those flu clinics actually began today here in Duval County and will last until the end of the week despite the delay the Health Department says the spray will arrive in good time they’re encouraging everyone to get protected before the end of the month it takes two to three weeks for your by the build of antibodies against the flu virus and so don’t delay parents for children under nine years old we’ll need to begin that process early they need two doses given at least four weeks apart if it’s their first time getting vaccinated crystal Chen Channel 4 at the local station also parents as you look to have your children vaccinated we know many of you are gonna have some questions so right now in News 4 jacks calm our web team is posted this article discussing the three common myths surrounding the flu vaccine and includes questions about getting the flu from the shot and the stomach flu you can find a link in our story under the health section of News for Jack’s calm

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