Hyland’s Cold n Cough 4 Kids

MOM: Are you recording? KID 1: Rolling mom. MOM: Right now my youngest daughter Chloe is riffling through all bathroom cabinets. CHLOE: Mom, I can’t find it! MOM: What she doesn’t know is that I am way ahead of her. We’re going to the amusement park tomorrow, and she really, really wants this to get better fast. Lets see whats going on. What is going on? CHLOE: Mom I can’t find that Hyland’s stuff. I need it right now to get better. MOM: Here you go. CHLOE: This is the right stuff, right. MOM: Yes, it is the right stuff. CHLOE: Yeah, yeah, I am going to the park tomorrow. Can you help me get some right now. MOM: This is what you want your kids to be like when they’re sick. Begging you to help them get better. I am pretty sure this only ever happens with Hyland’s. CHLOE: Hyland’s Cold’n Cough 4 Kids. Moms, and even kids, know it works well. So for safe and effective relief, naturally, trust Hyland’s. MOM: Are you going to clean this up? CHLOE: Visit hylands.com for more information, and valuable coupons. MOM: Your funny.

5 thoughts on “Hyland’s Cold n Cough 4 Kids

  1. the part about this commercial that grinds my gears is that the mother isn't AT ALL concerned about her young child rifling through a medicine cabinet. does your "youngest daughter" usually medicate herself?

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