I have a cold (English Speaking)

Hi, everyone. Welcome to SandJ English. I’m sorry. I look terrible today. What’s the matter, Sasha? I have the flu. I cough, sneeze and feel sleepy. That’s too bad. You’re shivering, Sasha. You must go to bed. Now. I’ll make her some tea. I hope she gets better soon. Hello again. Finally, I feel better. I still cough a little But it’s OK. Today we will talk about different types of illnesses. Let’s look at our phrase. Basically we use “a” or “an” in this phrase. “I have a stomachache” “I have a cold” and so on. However, in some cases we use “the” or no article. Now I will give you more examples. Please listen and repeat. Let’s practice! — Listen and Repeat — Yeah, you got it. Time for something sweet. Ouch. What’s wrong? I forgot I have a bad tooth. Good afternoon. How can I help you today? I have a terrible headache. What other symptoms do you have? I have a runny nose. Jenny, let’s play a game now. It’s called “Guess My Illness”. Everyone, join us and guess. OK. Go ahead. My throat hurts when I eat. You have a sore throat. My turn. I can’t go to the bathroom and I have a stomachache. You have constipation. Now me again. My eyes are itchy and I have a runny nose. You have an allergy. Oh… I need to rush to the bathroom. Jenny… Oh, it seems that she really has a problem. Diarrhea? Take care, everyone. See you next time. Thanks for watching, everyone. Are you ready for some more practice?

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  1. madam you are so sweet and have peaceful voice. your videos helped me to learn many things in english. I just love watching your videos .

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