I Lost My Fingers from the Flu

The following program contains graphic images that may be disturbing parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children We are experiencing one of the most Intense flu seasons in recent years in fact new reports say the flu is currently the cause of 1 in 10 deaths in the u.s. compounded often by pneumonia and This year’s flu epidemic may be killing up to 4 thousand people every week We often forget how severe the flu can be our next guest is one of many who suffer from severe complications Jokingly said to her if you don’t get that taken care of you’re gonna be Myself shaking and in cold sweats, I arrived at the urgent care My temperature was extremely high my blood pressure was not stable shortness of breath I said I think it’s just fine a little food test which came back negative Intention to an IV breathing assistance and told me I needed to go to the closest hospital We’ve been a couple of hours in the ICU. I lost consciousness according to the doctor he didn’t think I was gonna make it through the next 24 hours the Hospital will be placing me on dialysis because my kidneys in or the organs begin to fail They were ending the treatment course for the flu, I still had a ways to go before the sepsis and pneumonia The first thing I noticed that my hands and my feet did not look the same that were extremely swollen blisters that get worse I Had my fingers amputated on my left hand and no finger was The very tips of each was I am still awaiting application of my toes I Definitely could not even think of walk You

76 thoughts on “I Lost My Fingers from the Flu

  1. I never heard of anyone losing a finger because of the flu I don't think it was the flu I think they was scratching there dirty ass.

  2. That's because of the pressors that they prescribe when a patient becomes septic. Kinda like well sacrifice the extremities to save the vital organs.

  3. What a joke these doctors are, the guy didn't even look like he had the Flu, selling vaccines to the uneducated https://youtu.be/cHWeJ0f_o3A

  4. How doctors, drug companies and mainstream media lie through their teeth in order to continue pushing deadly vaccines like they do toxic chemotherapy and radiation. Surprised why people even believes all these fake death numbers https://youtu.be/KqJAzQe7_0g

  5. I just Got over the flu after having it for a month straight.. I pray that whoever has it heals quickly it’s very serious this year

  6. That is horrible. Here person died becouse of endocarditis coused by the flu. Me and my family got the flu .. it continued for 3 weeks and even after we still do not feel that well….

  7. https://youtu.be/y5Fy9cjZrOE The main guy at Infectious Disease control said there was a "Mis-Hap" when making the Flu shot.. Why do all news places have their head in the sand?

  8. My 19 year old was just released last week from the hospital. He was blue and unresponsive when I found him. ICU for 5 and a few days on the ward. Tested positive for H3N2 . I can’t believe how close I was to losing him. Although the flu shot would not have prevented this strain it would have lessened the symptoms. Next year my family and I will get the flu shot.

  9. Oh Jesus people against vaccines make me want to throw up ask my 11 year old Cusin who had meningococcal meningitis and lost both legs. All could have been prevented with a vaccine.

  10. My me and my bf both did NOT get a flu shot he ended up getting the flu at one point he lost consciousness and stopped breathing I had to give him CPR till the ambulance arrived. The ironic thing is I never ended up getting the flu! And he got over his after 3-4 days aside from that 2nd day being really bad

  11. 0:14 flu is now responsible for 1 out of every 10 deaths in the US 0:19 cut to dumb bitch quizzically smile at that fact.


  13. If people would wake up they would realize that the CDC is experimenting on them !!! DON'T GET FLU SHOTS OR VACCINES… DO SOME RESEARCH PEOPLE !!!

  14. His coworker didn't make him sick. You don't instantly fall ill when infected with pathogens; there is an incubation period for all illnesses and they're typically many days to years. One never gets sick instantly like in zombie shows.

  15. Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. Whether it be for the flu, meningitis, whatever. I don't know where people get this skepticism that vaccines do more harm than good when a few minutes of simple research proves otherwise! I've gotten vaccinated dozens of times in my life and never had any severe complications with my health or 'autism' as many people would say vaccines cause. Don't be troglodytes, people, vaccinate yourselves and encourage others around you to as well.

  16. All this from the flu? BS! My gaydar lit up as soon as he started talking. He's got something else going on maybe HIV?

  17. I had the Flu for the first time in my life this year It was terrible I was on a ton of pills and I couldn't be in school and when I went to the doctors I had a test and 3 days later my mom got a call from the doctor that said that my case of the flu was Deadly and that if I didn't take my pills I would die it was scary but I lived. (I had the flu and I didnt know it so I went to school and I went to the nurses office and Passed out good thing the two nurses caught me before I hit the ground)

  18. fucking lies this is not from flu why don't government tell the true what actually happening.. Flu never do things like this, this is from some kind of viruse , if you adult you know better this can't be from fucking flu, tell this bullshit to kids not adults..

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