If You Get the Flu, What Can Help Reduce the Symptoms?

– Well, we have the anti-virals, which are probably under-utilized. One of them is the one that’s
been stockpiled for pandemics, and it’s been around for a while. The commercial name is Tamiflu. We call it oseltamivir, same thing. And you have to take it for five days. It shortens the duration of illness, it prevents complications. There’s another anti-viral
that’s currently on the market for the first time, and we’re just learning
about it this year. And it seems to work just about at the same level of effectiveness, and we need to learn more about it. But the advantage is
you take it only once. You don’t have to take it over five days, and also it seems to reduce
the shedding of the virus, the amount of the virus that you put out, which can infect other people.

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