22 thoughts on “Iguanas stiffen up as cold weather sweeps across South Florida

  1. Sad that we don't care about humans freezing on the streets at all. But Iquanas in temporarily discomfort means if you care you better break out a heater and blanket for them.
    The longer I live the more I like animals over humans any day, but come on.

  2. YOU STUPID IGUANAS! EVOLVE! ANIMALS/REPTILES like this that are complete IDIOTS drive my blood pressure thru the roof. YOU DUMB IGUANAS! Its 2020 for crying outloud!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM and EVOLVE!! but the iguanas are too STUPID and are acting like IDIOTS!

  3. No, they aren't cold…can't be…the planet is melting! Al said so and he won a nobel prize instead of that lady that rescued all those kids from the Nazi's during the holocaust. Hey, maybe they're just stunned that the news guy isn't wearing pink. OMG! How dare you! You're fired!

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