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Hi This is Nancy. About two years ago I was
still working and I was working for a very large company. And I needed to take a day
off because I was very busy. And I wasn’t sick or anything at all. I felt fine and I
had a busy day. But I had to go to an after hours uh my medical provider’s after hours
facility so that I could see a doctor and fake an illness and see a doctor so that I
could get a note to bring in to work because my work place was getting more strict about
the time>>the sick time off. And I was already taking several days off because I was working
a lot on the internet on my website business and I needed a day off>>I was taking a lot
of days off. So I had to go to the doctor and bring back a work slip>>a return to
work slip. So I had to feign an illness. And what I’d like to talk about is that a person
can, be sick, can have the bacteria or the germs that represent an illness but not carry
>>not get sick. Now you might think that this is um>>a well known fact and it might
be a well known fact to a lot of people but why this happened for me is because I have
been using colloidal silver since 2006. Today is May 1 of 2014 and I have been a regular
consistent colloidal silver user since about 2006 and I have been making my own>>and
I have several videos about that. And it was about two years ago when I was working at
this job and I needed the day off>>so I called in and said that I was sick and I made
up some symptoms and I said I was sick and I hung up and I had a busy day. I couldn’t
get in to the doctor to see the doctor to get this work permit so I went in to the after
hours facility. And I went in to>>and I saw the doctor and they asked my symptoms
and I said>>that I had um>>probably a stomach ache I said I didn’t feel well>>and
I made the mistake of saying that I had a sore throat>>and when you say>>as soon
as I said I had a sore throat I I>>they said>>”Well we will do a strep test then
>>and I>>I just>>I could have just pounded myself because I said>>now I have to get
a strep test>>and a strep test>>you know they take the long cotton swab and they swab
the back of your throat>>and then they send it to a lab and>>then they get to find out
if you have strep throat because I said something about>>I didn’t feel good
>>I was achey>>I was>>maybe I said I had a fever>>I don’t remember it was two
years ago>>maybe coughing and sneezing and I said I had a sore throat. So I got stuck
with the swab in the throat and they sent it off to the lab and within>>I don’t know
maybe 25 minutes>>they, I was still in the doctor’s office and she said [I just visualized
the doctor that it was] “Well, you’ve got strep throat!” And I sat on the>>on>>I
was sitting on the thing>>the doctor’s table>>and I just said “oooh! Oh man, I’m not
sick at all!” There was absolutely nothing wrong with me, so she went down the list of
symptoms and she said “yea, it’s going around, you have positive strep throat so you have
>>um, “you can do that, you can take this” she gave me I think three prescriptions. I
had said I had a sore throat maybe a cough, I said I was sneezing or whatever. And I had
absolutely nothing wrong with me. So I left there with>>a prescription for pain. They
gave me a prescription for pain because I said I had a sore throat. They gave me a prescription
for an antihistamine for congestion and they gave me a cough medicine. A whole bottle of
cough medicine. A prescription for, yes I had on around at that time but I wasn’t getting
sick because I had colloidal silver, so that had to be that time, a big bottle of cough
medicine. A thing for congestion and>>pain pills! And an antibiotic, a large antibiotic
[laughing] that was one of them and I had absolutely nothing wrong with me. I had had
a full day that day, I worked [on the website or other things] and that>>in my head I’m
thinking “that’s my colloidal silver” but somehow, I had been exposed to strep throat
But colloidal silver um um boosts your immune system, it’s known to boost your immune system,
for immune system support, excuse me. One of the things it is marketed for is bone and
joint support and for the immune system support and darned if it didn’t work! It worked for
me because I carried the full strep, I passed the test and I didn’t carry any of the illness.
I just wanted to share that because I think that it is just>>very telling, I mean we
are learning more and more, our friends in the world are share more information about,
we are learning about our health and the>>the>>importance of staying healthy through natural
ways and not through medicine. And I just think that this is just one piece of the puzzle
that’s gonna>>that is just unfolding. This is a very large puzzle that is unfolding right
in front of our eyes here in this world right now because of this beautiful world wide web
that we have and the wonderful people that we have in the world who are sharing their
information and their knowledge. So I just want to add that piece to this puzzle that
we are putting together. It’s a>>it’s a beautiful thing, colloidal silver it a, stopped
me from getting strep at that time, I was saved an illness and I was spared using an
antibiotic, spared using a pain pill, which I don’t think I would have taken for strep
throat, I don’t know; maybe you would get such a sore throat that you would need it.
And I didn’t need to use anything for cough [I didn’t have a cough] I didn’t have congestion,
I had absolutely nothing wrong with me but the strep test came out positive,>>which
really helped when I went back to work>>cause I had been taking several days off at that
time because I was beginning my web magazine.>>I have an internet magazine, I was sharing
my use of colloidal silver with the world and taking some time off of work because my
work on the internet was getting busier and busier. And I was helping some family members
at the time. So work was, work in the brick and mortar
building was being squeezed out, for my love and my passion which is, colloidal silver
use, and sharing my knowledge of it. And gaining more knowledge about>>about staying healthy
and avoiding illness and reversing some signs of illness that can be diagnosed as disease.
So, I did>>colloidal silver spared me from those symptoms that were diagnosed as a disease.
So>>I mean>>what do you say>>what’s the>>’good job colloidal silver’>>kudos
to colloidal silver. And with that I’m going to say have a great day wherever you are in
your day. Thank you for coming by my You Tube Channel or my website magazine. Bye Bye.

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  1. But I just watched your other video and you were saying negative things about colloidal silver and you said it turned your skin.

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