Immune Support Essential Oil Blend Spotlight – Vibrant Blue Oils, Jodi Cohen

hi I’m Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils here to talk about our symptom support Immune Support blend this blend
was formulated to strengthen the immune system and protect against colds coughs
and the flu it’s also beneficial against infections viruses and bacteria I use
this regularly throughout cold and flu season and whenever traveling you can
either apply it to the bottom of the feet or dilute it and apply it over the
throat it’s really amazing when you feel a cold coming on my favorite trick is to
take a super hot bath with Epsom salt and baking soda immediately after
getting out of the tub I apply the immune support to the bottom of my feet
then cover my feet in socks and crawl into bed and fall asleep I almost always
feel better in the morning I also like to apply this to the bottom of my kids
feet before bed you can also massage it diluted on to the thymus gland or under
the arms to further strengthen the immune system my other great trick with
this blend is to apply it when the kids get splinters it helps to pull the
splinter to the surface and make it much easier to remove the blend contains some
really hot oils so if you’re applying it anywhere other than the bottom of the
feet you should always remove it hi I’m Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils thank you so much for watching this YouTube video please don’t forget
to subscribe by clicking the circle at the bottom of this screen and if you
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