Industry Insider: Vaping Illnesses – Is It Lipoid Pneumonia Or Something Else?

Lung pathologists from Cleveland Clinic report
the findings in lung biopsies from eight patients who developed severe pulmonary illness associated
with vaping bootleg THC. Find out more on this edition of industry insider. Hello and welcome to another edition of industry
insider. New information regarding the bootleg THC cart additive vape illness is being brought
to light this week. A recent study published in the American journal of clinical pathology
reports the microscopic findings in the lungs of eight EVALI patients. All of the patients
biopsied had a history of using bootleg THC vape products but only a few of them had a
history of using ENDS products. The Authors of this study discovered histologic evidence
of acute lung injury in the form of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia. In contrast to early
clinical reports, there was no evidence of exogenous lipoid pneumonia found in these
subjects. The lipids detected in previous studies which were originally pinned as proof
of Lipoid pneumonia, have instead been identified as repair cells in the lungs called macrophages.
The presence of these macrophages and signs of organizing pneumonia leads researchers
to now believe that another chemical in Bootleg carts aside from vitamin E is contributing
to this pulmonary illness outbreak. The Cleveland Clinic is now preparing for a larger study
between THC and non THC vapers, as the vast majority of cases have been attributed to
Bootleg THC carts. Do you think that this study from the Cleveland
Clinic will help to point researchers away from falsely accusing ENDS products for the
organizing pneumonia phenomenon? Please share your thoughts with us down below and as always
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2 thoughts on “Industry Insider: Vaping Illnesses – Is It Lipoid Pneumonia Or Something Else?

  1. Salutations,

    IMHO it would be devastating to study such Consumption Method using genuine science, starting with 200 Watts sub-Ohm coils and such similar "MONSTER CLOUD" generators, in opposition to other device types… So far the observed/recorded facts boil down to a most basic evidence in USA: the "VAPING" (e.g. e-Cig) habit DID KILL already – and in absence of adequate criticism+correctives SHALL also *KILL AGAIN*, quite likely!! YMMV.

    It turns out i've witnessed 1st-hand the level of socio-toxic DENIAL involved when dealing with vape "enthousiasts", which certainly ain't to be confused as "Vaporizing" since i yet got to read or hear of any "Volcano death", nor even one caused by "Dabbing" to be honest. Anyway it just doesn't come this close to an immediate Public Health crisis as the "vape pen".

    Meanwhile decoys multiply and divide, euh… {Think hard!}

    M'well, for starters lets have CONDUCTION HEAT completely REMOVED as this repeatedly exposes to INTENSE contact-surface heat from some metal coil, perhaps acting like a catalyst or just COOKING and always with ZERO "Metered Dosing" available. Naturally any abuse implies that THC-centric "carts" must be expected to accelerate "THC Tolerance" issues and hence gradually require a BOOST of POWER to compensate… Imagine doin it with NICOTINE which is TRULY ADDICTIVE instead – one obvious problem being that our human alveolar/bloodstream system DOES impose a finite transfer capacity, which means part of a cloud remains trapped inside, eventually.

    So, is the damage caused by VAPING to lungs tissue a result of complex chemical reactions, plain physical overload or perhaps a mix of both??

    Quite frankly this many fatal incidents clearly instruct me just to NEVER juxtapose VAPING & Noble Cannabis Molecules in such blatant/provoking contraptions as those illustrated by mass media. Neither THC nor CBD are the actual threath or we'd have know long long ago, on another hand some crazy concentration levels of Pest Control Products have been found on cannabis dry flowers recently (ref.: "laboratory shoping" as 1 possible trigger event, merging with greed, essentially), which in turn leads to concentration processes that may fail to account for so-called "traces" which we could reasonably suspect NOT to be really intended for concentrates nor e-Liquids in the 1st place.

    On top of it there's a multitude of unidentified chemicals associated to legal "soup" sprays, while it all ends up being submited to agressive cooking via conduction heat – unlike the Volcano or even some dabbing tools… Go figure! … Moreover, frequent denaturation of a cart's content involves a multiplication of secondary reactions: briefly put the individual effects of each spray-soup ingredients don't only add up, they MULTIPLY as well!! So the VAPING guys find themselves overloading their chronically sensitized lungs with undocumented poisons while seeking the ultimate spectacular (selfie) clouds. Euh…

    In conclusion i support the intuition that all those deaths must be attributed to some unhealthy mix of extreme factors like an abscence of Metered Dosing, Frequent/Systematic Intense Cooking and severe Contamination (myclobutanil/Zyklon being among the accused besides vitamin-E actate!)…

    Either e-Cig concepts evolve or their disapear like the dynosaurs. The sooner the better for humanity's sake, especially vulnerable/unsuspecting youth of the world.

    Good day, have fun!! B->

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