100 thoughts on “Infection: The Invasion Begins (Full Movie) Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

  1. I couldnt watch it. Having someone dressed up as old lady instead of getting an old woman to act was enough for me and the fake background

  2. Love how the sheriff never knows whats going on and just asks civilians " so whats the plan" ….its just like management at work lol

  3. boring😒😒😒..makes me wanna go to sleep.and too much ads..its a good thing i love horrors so i had intrest to see what's coming..bt its not at all good.boooooring

  4. I liked the old movie I guess there is not enough blood and guts looking at the comments todays world loves zombies that leave entrails , Thumbs up for your movie

  5. They told the truth in the movie yes if you see something you go tell the cops And if the government knows about it they put you in the hospital then they say you're crazy I love this movie reality that's true there's so much going on in this world i love love love this one good job will ✔ done

  6. I seen a lot and I hurt a lot but you know what we got to cut our mouths shut we can say much while taking a bath in the hospital 😱😱2 so we have to pretend that nothings going on😷 when in the La La Land😇

  7. Out of work actors in a low budget movie. Case and point, the sheriff lol's, oh how the mighty have fallen.
    Since when do cops wear blue jeans with an official uniform?

  8. This is perfect ✨😳🤔👀-You ladies love it cause you get to say how useless the men are and well us guys get to fantasize about Sarah-✨😜😏✨WELL❗️what do you say ⁉️😂🤣😂🤣😁🥴-OH Right-This gives everyone a chance to Bitch-And no way y’all “enjoy “ that❗️🥴✨

  9. fun movie, cop is that guy who is always a dick cop, think he was in one of the Scary Movies. WHOSE HOUSE IS THAT

  10. Mystery, thriller, horror, suspense and romance ……. ALL in one!! Which other movies/videos could beat that!! Brilliant movie and directing!!

  11. Why does her smart car sound like a bunch of wasp's?
    Why is the young woman in the looney bin dressed up like an old lady?
    Why does a police vehicle have camouflage?

  12. How many people know named Deke? Like none. Ever. How many people you ever heard of named Deke? None. Ever. Except in bad novels. For some reason that's the sort of idiot name that bad writers pick for some guy released from prison. But let's not let that sour our appreciation of this sciffy flick. Kay?

  13. They could've at least had a real elderly person play the woman in the beginning because the actress they had was terrible.

  14. How u people waste your time in this bullshit acting its an art film and have no meaning scenes or actions. These are low budget useless actors movies.

  15. 1:16:07
    She Says: "What?"
    Then He Replies: "I seem to love you more ,and more as you do things for me,and the more I'm around you , the love I feel for you – feels even stronger.
    But the bandages suck, how in the world are they supposed to stay on?

  16. Cool story. I'm just glad they prefer small, rural towns with one traffic light. Lol. Thanks to YT, we have evidence that they are real.

  17. Who else is digging the Asian décor in that contemporary house? I love it. Even so, getting killed in a pretty house is still getting dead.

  18. What a stupid LOW-level BS! Who is the old lady in the crazy house, wasn't she just about 25 years old in 2009? All creators of this movie were either drank, ohn drugs or don't know how to make movies! Waste 30 minutes on idiotism!

  19. POPCORNFLIX 🍿 Thanks for the movie upload! Although i have to tell you this is one of those movies you see when you can't sleep!!

  20. So exactly where did these come from and like one person said why did the guy who was in jail why did he stay so young. Did he get ones of those tape worms in him? Time for a sequel but better graphics. This was a b rated movie and I liked it. I give it a three and a half star.

  21. The end parts effects are terrible, It doesn't look realistic. If you know what I'm talking about it's the fire effects.

  22. So far this is an interesting movie I like I would watch it again because I wanna know were the hell these things came from.

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