Is It a Common Cold or Allergies?

is it a common cold or allergies it’s a
question that worries lots of folks windows common symptoms it is all that
are coughing and sneezing from a cold or hay fever it’s sometimes the TAS call
but how long your problems last is one of the big clues what our colds and
allergies they have different causes you got a cold when a small living thing
asked a virus gets into your body there are numbers of different species that
can get you sick once a cold virus gets inside you your free system the body’s
protection against germs launches a counter-attack
it’s this response that brings on the typical symptoms like a cold or
stuffed-up nose the viruses that cause colds are contagious you can choose them
up when someone who’s infected sneezes coughs or shakes hands by you after a
couple of weeks at the maximum you immune system fights off the attack and
you should stop producing symptoms it’s a different story by allergies they move
made by an overactive immune system for some reason your build mistakes homeless
things such as dirt or pollen for germs also fixes an attack on them when that
happens your heart releases chemicals such as histamine just as it appears
when fighting a cold that can cause a swelling in the
passageways of your nose and you’ll start sneezing and coughing unlike colds
allergies aren’t taking though some people may inherit a tendency to get
them differences between colds and allergies take stock of your symptoms
and how great they last to help you decide what’s causing your trouble your

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