Is it Bad if You Fart a Lot?

Is it bad if you fart a lot? It is always going to be bad for the people
stuck in the car with you. That’s not the kind of chemistry you hope to have with people. I’m wondering if something is wrong. If you are on a Dave Ramsey diet, eating a
lot of rice and beans, you’ll get more poop due to the fiber. And more farts, too, due
to the extra methane production. I eat healthy, but not that cheap. And if
I were eating that many beans, I’d be supplementing with Beano to prevent the farts. If you are doing a colon cleanse or fiber
supplements, you’ll generate a lot of gas. And more gas than usual until your movements
are regular. Only in LA is it acceptable to turn down invites
saying you are on a cleanse. The polite way of saying you’re on the toilet all day. If you had food poisoning, you might be farting
a lot as your body tries to get back in balance. What’s the solution? If you’d had an upset stomach due to a stomach
flu, I’d say get a pro-biotic drink or fresh yogurt. That’ll restore the biotic balance
and reduce the fart volume over time. The number of farts or how loud they are? I’d say both. I like the excuse for eating a lot of ice
cream. I said yogurt, not ice cream. And if you are
eating a lot of ice cream, maybe the problem is the lactose. The what? Lactose is a sugar in milk that most people
lose the ability to digest as adults. If you are lactose intolerant, drinking milk or eating
ice cream could give you the farts. I’m not lactose intolerant. Some people lose lactose tolerance with age.
You could eat a half gallon of ice cream in college but get the farts and eventually poops
after eating a scoop without Lactaid. What if the supplements don’t work? Then you might have another problem that the
doctor needs to look into. But he’ll have a whiff of a clue when you come in the room
as to why you’re there.

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