Is it Pink Eye or Preseptal Cellulitis

– Hi I’m Dr. Carole Keim and this is Anya. I get a lot of calls from parents thinking that their child has pinkeye when it’s actually not. It’s something called preseptal
or periorbital cellulitis. You’ll see red inflammation
and pus in both infections. But with preseptal
cellulitis you might notice that one or both eyelids
are also red and swollen. Preseptal cellulitis usually starts off with a cold or a sinus infection and it spreads through the sinuses and the soft tissues into
the tissue around the eyes. It could also happen from
a bug bite on the face. Both pinkeye and preseptal
cellulitis need to be treated with antibiotics. If preseptal cellulitis is untreated the infection could spread
into your child’s eye and they could lose their eye. So call me and I can come over. I’ll be able to tell
right away if it’s pinkeye or preseptal cellulitis and
get a treatment plan going for either one. For more information or to
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