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hey thanks for joining us dr. mark on here and other medical group we are going to go to a doctor’s visit with even now even he’s not smiling a whole lot because he’s been sick but knowing that you sick watching experience environmental control right there for you ok ok so your possible strep throat okay aren’t looking to sentence you have braces bottom condition and ready my feet are shot ok you night sweats or anything like that yeah you are everything whole how you could you get to go to the doctor today so my understanding is you have really bad sore throat fever so hurt small it and just i’ll make you feel better and are you coughing oh don’t feel like there’s any restriction your breathing no you hurt anywhere their headache or congestion pressure and the sciences drainage from the nose and just so you know is no real coffee and are weaving her let me check you have you sit right here and we’re going to take take a look at you one of the things we’ll do is take a quick peek in your ears and mouth using this looking both here starting with yours here because looking clear your girl we went around to get your left here straight shot little legs doesn’t really a cause any problems please they’re really get better shot once in the whole planning but because you seem pretty good it’s a quick look at your nose clogged up the object you breathe the red forgot so will blur your father me get dressed take a look back he little messages across so much and this talking about now to really be like it seems you know i’m going to take this off you’re going to say oh haha you can haha ah barely feed buckle basically no I can’t be comfortable how are we going to get you haven’t had your tonsils removed you just don’t have anything to look at this office catching backing from talking about as big as you can and i want to go looking to build it really big and we go over their tonsils when we’re trying to do so sorry you’re so good about that they can click open base it on all up out going to go alright glance or lymph nodes are they soared removal little swollen but I can certainly feel on one here will call the post here circle nodes they don’t hurt and super clavicular knows anterior and i’m going to listen to your heart and lungs take a big breath in and out ok so i don’t think that strep throat and the reason I say that is because when I look back at your tonsils what I can see them they’re not terribly large red or have pus pockets on the other thing to consider is model mono really white people out and give them the sore throat and the little snow it’s also just like strep throat does sometimes they’re indistinguishable on exam fact even mono can have the throat with the pass on the truffles too i just be considered one thing with model though we get concerned about the possibility of an enlarged spleen they can get injured in trauma and athletic event so we want to check that by having a lie on your back now this shirt up and examine your abdomen and the spleen is located under the ribs here and normally you can’t even feel the tip of this plane I mean just barely be able to pushing in like that under the ribs find it i think im just possibly berries I heard it all just English yeah so come on back up a lot of people are still of the opinion that people should be doing any kind of contact for snowboarding would be kind of considered a sport where you possibly get drama there but the most recent evidence does not show that people ever had a problem with their spleen having an injury when you couldn’t feel it already so with that I would say there’s there’s no limitations on your activity unless we were to feel large sleep we’ll see what the strep test shows it shows strep throat we just we treat that with amoxicillin acknowledge it and it goes away we don’t treat it with antibiotics because it makes it go away significantly faster really doesn’t what it does keep people from having problems that can be complications of strep throat where they get infections that go into their heart for their kidneys and cause real problems their heart valve the kidneys later on we’ll see what your test shows so the rapid strep test comes back negative this is some kind of a viral pharyngitis it could be modeled it could just be LOL viral sore throat the reason i bring the mono so much is because of the age of 15 years old there’s lots of model going around and mono is different from just a sore throat that goes away within a few days it sticks around for weeks and people are very heavily fatigued to the point that some people have to redo that portion of schooling because they’re not able to go to school because they’re so run down from the mono infection mononucleosis so that’s why I harp on it so much it’s not that I necessarily think that’s what he has I just want the family to be aware of that a possibility of any sort throw oftentimes in a teenager models often called the kissing disease just checking hey thanks for joining us I just don’t meet guys like to see what it’s like to go through a doctor’s visit at the office even a good sport for participants he’s not feeling well at all but he hasn’t counts now when we when your dad liked video things all the time to get used to it I guess so a special thanks to our patrons who helped make this possible at the higher levels to be kitty and lindsay and when thanks so much ladies and the rest of you want to do that about this go to patreon link and those of you who haven’t subscribed yet subscribe we don’t usually do things like this use it’s more like a procedure but this time even dr. mark Baum myself telling you stay in good health

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  1. Thanks for the video!
    I am wondering if the risk of developing glomerulonephritis or rheumatic fever is high with untreated step throats? I can't seem to find any data about this.
    One month ago, I had fever, congestion and cough, pink eye, tonsillar exudate and a sore throat that woke me up at night. I didn't want to bother the doctor for what I thought was a minor viral infection, but now, knowing the complications of strep throat, I kind of feel guilty for not getting checked for that!

  2. Look at those nice, clean ears! And nice clean, nose! lol Impressive. 🙂 I like the office visit video where we follow Ethan through from check in to exam room. Feel better soon, Ethan! And thanks for doing the video for us.

  3. Doc,
    Thanks for creating this channel. I am an avid viewer. You treated a pt with some carritan build up on his scalp. I have the same thing, but thought it was a black head. Thanks to you, I had it treated, as well as a skin ca on my rt shoulder. I would not have known this, if it were not for you! I whole heartedly thank you!!!

  4. Mono isn't something we hear over here in the U.K. So I'm unclear about what it is etc, I hope Ethan feels better soon. Today was a kinda rough day for me as my dad was rushed to hospital as he had a stroke so after all the stress and emotions of that I'm at home trying to get my mind to switch off so I can sleep. YouTube tends to be my escape so it was nice to be able to watch a video from one of my favourite channels! X Claire X

  5. hi Dr mark is Ethan your son I was just wondering? he was such a great sport for doing this video feel better soon Ethan

  6. Dr I know youve have your degree, but this Mommy degree I hold. I give my kids ginger ale & fruit punch hawian punch 50/50 it helps the itchy burn. my eldest is 29 & married and he still uses it. the only time he has processed sugar. personally for me I boil watger with two slices of ginger root, teaspoon of local honey (10 mile radius) bourbon. cures all.

  7. Dr. Mark this was a great idea to give people an idea of what a typical visit to the doctor might be like as it was very informative and insightful for people of all ages. The medicine was kept simple but still educational as your mention of the possibility of mono could be potentially helpful and even life saving as I have a family member who underwent an emergent splenectomy due to falling against a stair railing while trying to keep herself from falling to the ground from exhaustion. It was a one in a million chance of happening but she ended up being the exception to the rule, but walked away suffering only a decent surgical incision and one less spleen.

    Here's a plot twist for you though…her splenic rupture caused her to develop accessory spleens and she had a revision surgery two months ago…incredible medical mystery but still a big ordeal to undergo. Thanks for the video and as always I look forward to your next video!

  8. I felt the same thing a few months ago…. misdiagnosed with mono !
    just a sore throat…. Mono in portugal in common known as the kissing disease….

  9. 3:01 when that ear hair moved I just about freaked, thinking there was a bug in there!
    8:46 Hmmm, are you Ethan's Dad? Or maybe Dr. Gawayne? Dr. Terry Buhl? It's a mystery! Oops, edit to add, thanks for another good video.

  10. Thank you for this, Dr Vaughan, its lovely to see a doctor being a doctor & the layout of your medical centre is very similar to that of my GP here in the U.K. I hope Ethan is starting to feel better.🙋🏻

  11. I love this video. Very great job!!!! Can I tell you about my experience? Over the course of several months my routine blood work showed elevated white count, elevated platelets. When the WBC didn't resolve a peripheral blood smear test was carried out. Which confirmed Anemia. I wasn't explained to about the root cause, what type, or the severity of it other than 'chronic.' I did/do feel debilitating fatigue even after 8-10 hrs of sleep. Ok so fast forward to now, Recently, I had a reoccurring fever and swollen lymph node(s). Over the course of the last 2 months. It'd subside, then reoccur. The doctor put me on antibiotics. Finally, the lymph node that was there responded to the treatment and so did the fever. I was great for a few weeks! I was feeling back to myself. NOW a lymph node is on my groin area. This is so weird for me because, I'm NEVER a sick person. I'm 24 and literally only was sick once in my life. I was referred over to a specialist in hematology (When my lab work was examined way before the feverlymph node episodes.) But I never had the chance to see him because during that time I was in the process of moving and now I have a different primary care doctor.

  12. Hi Doctor. The captions (on lots of your videos) are full of errors i.e. tonsils, shows as truffles. Good for a belly laugh. I think that you are using a voice recognition program that is not quite getting it right. Thanks for the videos.

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