Is it strep?

– Hi, I’m Dr. Carole Keim, and I’ve been a medical doctor for almost a decade. I see a lot of strep throat, and I’m here to tell you three signs other than a sore throat that indicate that your child might have strep. Number one, fever. Children with strep usually
have a fever over 101 degrees, which causes them to be tired
and lose their appetite. Number two, vomiting. Some children with strep throat will start vomiting before
they have a sore throat. And three, a rash. Some children will get a
rash on their back or trunk that feels rough like sandpaper and it can be itchy. So, if you see any of these signs, check inside your child’s mouth. What you’re looking for is
white spots on the tonsils and red spots on the roof of the mouth. Also, a coated tongue and bad breath. If your child is six years or younger and gets strep throat, you absolutely need to call a doctor. If left untreated, it
can cause a condition called rheumatic fever, which is very serious. Your child will need a
prescription for antibiotics to kill the infection, feel better faster, and go back to school sooner. They can even go back the next day if you start the
antibiotics before 5:00PM. I hope your little one
doesn’t end up with strep, but if they do, let’s get it treated. You can call me at the number below and I will come to your house, do a strep test, and get
those antibiotics ordered and get your child feeling better. ♪ When goin’ to the doctor just won’t do ♪ ♪ Doctor at your Door is there for you ♪

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