IV DRUG ABUSE causes and Heart Infection and Skin Infection: DON’T DO DRUGS

– So don’t do drugs. That is the message for this video. Other than of course drugs that are prescribed
by your physician. Of course. And I think these days
you are more likely to die of problems with drug related issues than even road traffic accidents. So this is a major, major issue. We recently had a young lady. She came to the hospital
with fevers, chills shaking all over. She was found to have swelling, warmth and severe pain of her arm where she normally injects her heroin. Now, that is a bad recreational
drug to start off with but what happens in people
who inject themselves is that they develop
infections in that area. What could happen is that
the infection can spread in the blood stream and lead to infecting your heart. But that can be especially dangerous. So she came to the hospital. She had spiking fevers. She had chills. She had not gone into
withdrawals from her heroin yet but she apparently left
against medical advice and did not want to be treated. And apparently of course,
she wanted to inject herself with more heroin. Two days later, she comes
back to the hospital with raging fevers and worsening pain of her arm. Of course she was admitted again. She was started on antibiotics. Found out that she had
a really bad bacteria and a bug that could be
very, very dangerous. Fortunately, she did not develop any infection of the heart. So the course of her
antibiotics were not that long. Having said that, still she put herself in a very dangerous position. She agreed thankfully, to undergo rehab. And because she agreed to do rehab which a lot of people don’t and they just want to go out and keep on doing these types of drugs. And the good thing about that was we could put in a line where she will be monitored through which she could
receive longer antibiotics. I guess it is very risky in these patients who are drug abusers because they may use that line to inject drugs into them. And that could put the
medical practitioner in jeopardy also. But for her, she was gonna be monitored. We put in a line for her through which we were
giving her medications by IV which she definitely needed. And of course she would
be monitored closely in a closed unit where she will be detoxed
from her heroin addiction. Now this was a happy ending. Hopefully she maintains this. Hopefully she does not go
back into abusing drugs. A lot of times what happens it’s not the person, it’s the environment that the person is living in. If they don’t have any family support. If all their friends are into drugs and they’re not involved
in other activities they don’t go to school or they don’t have a job. All they can do is waste
their time on drugs. Which is very, very unfortunate. And as I said, this problem is as bad as getting into a car accident. This is surely avoidable by not getting into these
medicines in the first place. So the rule again is do not do drugs. If you do, you have to be
ready for the consequences. So let’s finish this video off and again, it’s your doctors goal to prevent you from taking medication. But if you have to, you
must take them properly. My friends, stay healthy. And stay safe.

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