Jasleiney vs the Cold Flu

*goth sniffle* Ay, Jasleiney. What in the name of La Caridad del Cobre are you doing here sitting in the dark? I’m always in the dark. It’s one in the morning on a school night. Do you not see me, Mother? Barely. But, yes. Are you testing out your zombie make-up for Halloween? Might as well. That’s exactly how my insides feel thanks to this flu from the depths of Hades. Well, please… Take some of this and go upstairs because I cannot be having you spreading your boogers around my kitchen. That’s not very classy. What’s this? It’s the new Mucinex Nightshift Cold and Flu. It’ll take away all the sneezing and coughing and you’ll wake up feeling like an actual human. And not whatever the heck this is. But I’m not human. RaAaAaAaAaH! *drinks agua in stuck up Spanish* I can’t believe it. Married yesterday and
already our baby on the way. Jasleiney, are you OK? You know what, Mom? I’m OK. I can smell the neighbor’s breakfast. I can taste oxygen. I can see the vibrancy that is life. I’m gonna be OK. It’s that- I dunno, Jasleiney… I think you might have a slight fever because I’ve never seen you wear these colors in my life! You know what? Whatever that is, I’m the opposite. I’m the opposite of des-tem-plan-za. *shocked Cuban mother stare*

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