Jin seen struggling with a flu @Sinchon Fansign 2017

*that was coming from bwi* *it was taken place 3 days ago* *why I hear baby crying at the bg* *struggling to open his eyes* cute me: jsgfjhvzkklnlkshdgnooo me: sstop *Jin saying bye with his eyes closed cause it’s hard to open them (flu symptoms)* *RM and V trying struggling here* *RM hand got tired haha*meme face* *before group photo* Suga: Jin hyung is not here yet? *that outfit making him look forever young*

100 thoughts on “Jin seen struggling with a flu @Sinchon Fansign 2017

  1. I don't care if I'm late, my poor Jinnie was sick 😢 please take care of yourselves and BigHit please take care of them too, I know know you have been 😊💙love you BTS

  2. Awww my poor jinnie😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔love you so much💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  3. Damn I thought he was crying that's why he had those saggy bags under his eyes… So sorry for you jinnie please rest well <3

  4. So honestly this is the same case scenario as literally any person whos sick at work. They need to go freaking home. What if armys got sick because of him? I am guilty of going to school when sick but still it's not healthy to do any form of work with the flu even without mentioning getting others sick

  5. Okay, this sounds like I'm being mean, or biased, or…negative, but I'm just stating facts, k? (please don't attack me lol) but how come a vid of jungkook being injured gets over a million views the DAY it was posted, but this vid that's EQUALLY concerning abt Jin that was posted a couple days ago, is less popular? I mean yeah, it could just be the youtuber channels that posted the content and their popularity that gets them more views, but sometimes I feel as if kook is more publicized or drawn attention to, like he gets more limelight. He always has a lot of lines, which ARMY was attacking BigHit for when Jin or Taehyung didn't get as many lines, and I honestly would love that. I mean just think about it, if that was let's say jungkook people would have obviously cared more. I'm not trying to say "I hate jungkook", I LOVE that cutie, I don't believe he deserves to be hurt either I just feel like maybe not all the members are getting acknowledged equally/fairly? Idk I'm probably wrong but it's just what I feel so yeah, hope I didn't offend anyone 🙂

    tHanK yOu f0r cOmiNg t0 mY TED talk

  6. Wtf I'm 2 seconds in and he when to the hospital for the flew….. Did he have it for like a week and it was not going away or…

    I mean the hospital is extreme some people really need it…… And the flu?!?!

  7. I don't know why. When i seeing jin in that situation its makes me feel hurt so badly💔💔 we love you so much world wide handsome 💜💜💜

  8. Be always together and be always happy together guys. All the best for the future oppas. Sarranghae BTS forever 💖💖💖

  9. Poor Jin! 😢 He was very strong! And Namjoon is the very best leader in the world. He struggled just to make it easier for his hyung! 😮😍

  10. My eyes were already wet and got runny nose at the same time when that background sound @1:34 started to play like i want to go there and stop Jin from forcing himself and tell him that he can stop now torturing himself as we all know (all army all over the world) how he loves us. Please dont let us see you struggling again like that. I love you BTS Jin world wide handsome!!!

  11. I'm not crying but the song at the end made me cry bish why you doin this to me oh bitch hahahaha that smell at the end tho

  12. Gracias a Big Hit?
    Es la obligación de cualquier agencia velar por la salud de sus artistas. Seguramente hay una cláusula sobre ello en sus contratos. Así que Big Hit no está haciendo algo extraordinario sino cumpliendo con las cláusulas contractuales.

  13. Awe Jinnie 😢 I feel bad seeing him struggle here. It's hard to be a kpop idol and have to bear with injuries or illness and try to act okay. I respect them so much. 💜💜💜

  14. 나울어…얼마나아팠을까ㅜ열도많이나 보이는데…으앙 팬들위해서 끝까지 버텼어ㅜㅜ말이돼?ㅜㅠㅜ 동생들 아플땐 절대 무리못하게 하면서 석지나..ㅜㅜ 너는 고개가 그냥 떨어지는데도…ㅜ운다

  15. I remember getting the flu three times all back to back my body was so weak. Honestly hope he took medication and took a rest after leaving.

  16. That's how jin loves army he struggles for army even when he's sick hes still smiling just for us …….get better Jin 🙂

  17. Aw poor Jin bless him he looked exhausted. I thought it was so sweet when RM was helping support his arm he’s very caring.

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