Katie and Tony Viney lost 14st 4lbs and are named Slimming World’s Couple of the year 2019

I found out was pregnant with Rhiannon
and then motherhood kicked in and I just got bigger and bigger and for that pregnancy and
the subsequent three others I was well overweight. And when the children were
younger I never played with them, never sat on the floor with them
because I couldn’t get off the floor, so I just used to sit on the
sofa and watch them play, and I thought I’m gonna be the same with
my grandchildren as I was with them. Typically a day out would be
getting in the car with the kids, we’d pull up to a beach, get the kids
to walk the dog on the beach while we sat watching them, they’d come back, we’d then drive
up the coast to a different beach and do the same again. I decided to go with Katie to Slimming
World and support her through it, and you know it’s the best
decision that we’ve both made. All the magic happens in our group. That’s the 1½ hours a week
where where our magic happens, and it’s really important that
we’re there in the good times to support people who
are not having it so easy, but it’s also important that we’re
there in the not so good times for us to get that support back. Slimming World has
been amazing for us. It has changed our lives and
lengthened our lives massively, and changed our
children’s lives as well. Well as a chef I’ve always
done the cooking, and I soon realised that all you had
to do was adapt what you were doing and and you could
eat really good food. We do 4-5 miles every
morning running now, and we take the dogs out, the
dogs are healthier now as well, and now just a zest for life. Donning a wetsuit would
have been something I never would have
done before, never. Well if the family had paddleboarded
before you’d have sat in the car watching it. yeah. Life is just totally different isn’t it?
Massively, yeah. There’s nothing we
won’t tackle now.

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