it’s like slime slime in your mouth no I am slime you’re a slime I’m the slime queen you’re the slime queen hey everyone hello it’s Kayla and her mom Connie and today is a really big day for Kayla I was going to say us but it’s actually for her you already done this got to get it over with what are you going to get done Kayla I’m going to get my wisdom teeth pulled don’t want it I’m not scared but I’m nervous I’m nervous for what I’m going to say afterwards and what I’m going to feel like afterwards I’m not nervous for the before part the shot or the actual surgery I’m just scared for what is going to happen after the surgery she’s afraid of being goofy I think yea like is my head going to hurt am I going to be able to see straight am I going to be like talking about weird stuff let’s hope she talks about some weird stuff because that would be funny right yea but I watch some people getting their wisdom teeth like not actually getting their wisdom teeth pull but like the stuff they say afterwards and like I watch this one channel and there was like you could be really emotional really tired or just really chatty and so most of the people I watch were chatty but some of them were like emotional most of them were like crying about random things so I’m wondering if I’m going to be like that I hope not because I’ll probably fall right into it and be like oh baby don’t be sad right now she’s getting dressed and then I think you just got to brush your teeth I can’t find my left shoe she’s got 2 right shoes down here which is an issue and I guess if it comes down to it she’ll wear them both but hopefully she’ll find her other shoe so we can go she can’t eat anything they said no food after 8 hours so basically she had one more snack before she went to bed last night but the appointment isn’t until noon today so that kind of makes it stretch out even longer so we let her stay up a little bit late so that she has one final meal she’s not allowed to have water I have ramen yea so are you hungry or anything right now I was when I woke up now I don’t really care so she passed her hunger pains and we’re just going to head out there and in another hour I’ll probably wont realize I’m sleeping I’ll just be like blink oh hi yea wish you luck why would you wish me luck it’s going to make me feel like I don’t know okay she didn’t need any luck this is a no brainer she’s going and it’s going to be so fast and easy and then I get to come home and sleep but she has to get it done because she’s at the very end of her braces and she’s only going to wear it for a couple of other months and if we took them off without getting the wisdoms pull the wisdom will start pushing them crooked again so basically it’s called impacting and they’re smashing up against her back molars it’s actually created so basically the wisdom tooth is going this way instead of going straight up so it’s moving this tooth to go this way they’re turning because her mouth is so small but they’re curving around the back of her jaw so they need to get them out of the way so that her normal teeth are going to stay straight so here we go morning morning so we’re on our way out as you can see there’s caution tape because we didn’t want Kayla to forget and get some food in the morning without us knowing that one fell I didn’t take that one down I thought that was a hint for me that I might be putting on a few pounds okay now that makes sense it was for Kayla okay put it on my door too I thought I would just yea what if you like went to the bathroom try to get water I don’t know I don’t know why you would do that but nasty you never know away from the toilet or something like if all else fails at least that will remind her the second she got out the bedroom door good job mom yea hard for me for sure yup so we’re going to be heading out right now I don’t know where Tyler is is he still in his room well spring break so he’s up late oh so he’s in his room gaming sleeping it was later than me I don’t know I know it was late last night when we all went to bed so he’s probably sleeping or watching cartoons one or the other do you think that makes us cool parents if we let our kids stay up on spring break or is that just not good are we bad parents or good parents because we kind of like let them do what they want during spring break for the first couple days and then we kind of bring them back on a routine but you know it’s fun to get to do what you want sometimes too I mean you spend the night go to bed right at 10 our kids work really really hard they get good grades in school they do all kind of sports competition and as much fun as it looks like we have we do have a lot of fun doing the YouTube videos but it’s a lot of work too so we’re just busy all the time and when they get opportunities we let them get rest because they deserve it yea no alright so we’re heading out how you feel now Kayla tired tired yea so you got your ID and you got your monitor there so they’re monitoring your heart in one minute you’ll be awake again I’m feeling wonky your lip getting stuck everything moves everything moves like when I blink everything like shifts I blink and then everything starts to move soon as you blink everything’s moving like I yea alright so I’m going to let you guys do your thing good job Kayla how long is it going to take me to fall asleep I don’t know any second now you’re going to go to sleep but I got to get out of the way because these people got to get to work lucky you okay so Kayla is now getting her procedure done I just went out to the car for a second they don’t want me in the room while they’re working on her but I do want to stay in the facility while she’s being worked on her wisdoms will be out in just a few minutes it actually one hour for the procedure to be completed and then we’ll see how she’s doing she just made it out she’s still a little on the sleepy side sleepy girl yea Kayla’s sleepy she did really really really well yea yea just rest sleep girl just rest I want to talk yea I can’t to you right now Kayla says she wants Starbucks she’s saying Starbucks no chocolate milk chocolate milk hot chocolate milk did you guys hear that she said hot chocolate milk and then she can’t have really hot and she knows she doesn’t want really hot either she just want’s the room temp room temp kids temp kids temp hot chocolate yea at the end you kept waking up and then you woke up did it feel like one minute it felt like a while felt like 30 minutes 10 minutes no 30 30 minutes you felt like it felt like 30 minutes yea wow more like 15 15 more like yea did you dream no it was kind of like you just took a quick nap and then I kept waking up and then I going back to sleep you kept waking up and then going back to sleep no they told me they told you to go back to sleep they said you slept through the whole thing maybe you were thinking that’s what happened you can’t feel you tongue yea yea you probably won’t be able to feel your tongue for a little bit might be hard to drink some hot chocolate right now marshmallows cheeks are numb no marshmallow they feel like marshmallows yea it’s a good thing you have an interpreter waking up a little more forehead you can feel your forehead you feel your nose that’s good right here right here and right here and my tongue is doing something yea you want to video say hi to your friends okay I don’t like it I didn’t thought I was so I feel weird that was weird and I can only feel my forehead and I don’t want so you got some goggles in your mouth so when you get hungry take it out okay did you feel okay during the procedure no pain you’re really good she’s great after you got through the IV which is the worst part of it you did fantastic you slept the whole time see he said you slept I don’t even remember but I fell as sleep she said it felt like 30 minutes and then it felt like 15 she re just did it alright so when you get home ice is going to be the best thing for you for the pain and for the swelling okay and when you feel like you have any discomfort let your mom know you can take some medicine as long as you take it with food okay and I want to see you one time for a quick check in a couple weeks and then you’re done yea let them grow back so you’re all good right done forever awesome alright we’ll wheel you out to the car you go home you go to bed okay nice you’re going to sleep when you get in the car you’ll fall right back to sleep again you could do whatever you want you can sleep right now lay your head down you’ll be fine you’re beautiful do you want chocolate don’t be sad bring the car around okay I’m going to bring the car around so we’re going to roll you out right now so you can go to sleep say bye you don’t have a tongue either I don’t have it you have lips you just can’t feel them you did really good they said you did great and the best part about it all you never have to do that again isn’t that awesome oh no I don’t have your teeth should we go get them oh I’m going to back up let’s go get your teeth yea that could be some big tooth fairy money there $100 a $100 yea let’s see hopefully they I know they still got to have your teeth hi Amy it’s Connie I’m outside the front door Kayla wants her teeth they’re going to bring the teeth just lay back is it bugging you wonder if I have like a bandage that would be easier let me look thank you they said that the teeth were all they grinded them out so there’s no real teeth to see I don’t know what about this song I said oh lord Jesus it’s a fire then I ran out I didn’t grab my shoes or nothing Jesus oh ride upon my life ain’t nobody got time for that what’s that thought about Pizza Hut didn’t say anything weird didn’t yup you were totally normal sorry tongue yea feels like a marshmallow so you want me to get you a chocolate a kids temp chocolate yea okay you can’t drink it right now though you just hold it okay extra yea big and I have extra at home yea my face looks like it feels like you feel tingly no you feel like a baby it’s like slime slime in your mouth no I am slime you’re slime I’m the slime queen you’re the slime queen it is swollen I feel swollen no swelling yet it’s gauzzy teeth does it feel tingly no it’s just did it’s so slimy yea you’re like slime I’m made of slime you’re made of slime yea teeth away yea they took 4 teeth you don’t need them they don’t you don’t want those teeth they were crowding they would have made your front teeth all crooked again jig jaggedy they’re your friends you didn’t even know they were there see him yea yea like your fine but I like them it’s so you can get your braces off in a couple months without your teeth going crooked that’s cool right that song they’re so happy to see you yea switched out your gauzz how you feeling now you feel a little bit better more awake yea Hershey you crazy just keeps licking and licking wow we’ve been gone for 2 hours yea the time goes by fast you started at 12:30 and you were done by 1:30 really yea isn’t that weird and hour and a half it took us longer than that because we were sitting after the procedure wake up for a little bit and then about an hour really but then you had to wake up and then we went to Starbucks drive through and got you chocolate that you can’t have yet and then we came home and you kind of fell a sleep on the couch you don’t remember going to Starbucks I remember Starbucks but I don’t remember I don’t remember you remember sitting in the chair talking to me no in the wheel chair no no you don’t remember talking me talking to you in the wheel chair waiting to get to the car no I don’t remember talking in a wheel chair you look a lot better now more awake yea you feel dizzy when they walk yea you might want to sit for a little bit longer Hershey didn’t help Hershey didn’t help at all Dad said that they would sense that she was like hurting but Hershey’s just like she doesn’t look hurt she’s just kind of out of it yea Hershey daddy went to go get you some talenol and then when he get’s home you can have that so Kayla’s got a little bit of chocolate on her shirt there she tried to drink her chocolate and my lip is still numb so I didn’t know that I was drinking and then it just went down her shirt she wasn’t able to drink it I’m drinking one ton soup without the one ton so that’s the thing I have frapchino got a cotton candy frapchino and some chocolate so that’s all I can have well we’re wokring on it daddy’s at the store picking up some more stuff but Kayla’s able to spoon feed herself so and the bleeding has stopped so for now at least she said that it will go off and on yup so now she’s working on getting some energy because you haven’t eaten since mid night last night so it’s been 12 13 14 15 16 hours since you’ve had any food or water do you want a bowl with water in it so you can spoon in some water sure I like this though this is my favorite how you feeling this sides aching I don’t know why but the rest of them are fine and I still can’t feel my lip or my chin and yea and I feel like dizzy like barely dizzy but I feel dizzy when I walk so got to be careful keeping up so keeping a eye on her okay so just got back from the store and we got all of the apple sauce I thought you might like that got all the necessities these are the things that Kayla can have for the next couple of days she can have that did it say that on the list it did not say it but it said soft squishy food so maybe not on day 1 maybe on day 2 or 3 2nd day she said I can have squishy foods like bread and things softer the list says not bread really she said on day 2 that I can have softer things like sandwiches and meat loaf and I’ve never had meat loaf it’s like a big giant hamburger patty pretty much yea but anyway got all kinds of yogurts different flavors like like strawberry and banana I think there’s a cherry one in here we got jello lot’s of jello who doesn’t love jello I’m excited about the apple sauce yea then I got 3 different kinds of pudding and lots of gatorade lots of gatorade just for you and well it’s just Tylenol yea she only need about you know 2 or 3 days worth of food but I think I got like a months worth just in case something tells me Tyler’s going to want to dip into some of this too so I figured if I got some extra then that makes sense right now we can I call it the Tyler factor right all of this is for Kayla but the Tyler factor is going to reduce the amount that she actually get’s so she does not need like and the stores like 10 minutes away so there’s no way we’ll be able to get anymore yea you guys saw Kayla’s experience with getting her wisdoms taken out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be was scared for the IV and it kind of did hurt a little bit but it it was only like a pinch and I was over reacting I don’t remember when I fell as sleep I trust remember the IV and watching the Megan Trainer videos and then I don’t remember I wasn’t even thinking about falling a sleep I had a really weird dream to I dreamed that I kept waking up in the middle of the surgery and they kept telling me to go back to sleep but they said she slept through the whole thing so that was something she envisioned what would you say to anybody out there that might be getting their wisdom teeth pulled if you give them like don’t freak out because it’s really just like taking a nap like they put a shot in your arm and then you take a nap and that’s it and then you wake up and everything’s good right you don’t even feel anything afterwards so it’s not that big a deal I thought that I was going to have like a head ache I wouldn’t be able to see straight but I was like perfectly fine I was just like woke up and was like hi guys so cool so anybody out there that is going to be having their wisdom teeth pulled out soon don’t worry about it not a big deal just do what the doctor tell you to do and it’s alright right absolutely you guys rock you did so good Kayla we hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe share this video with your friends and family my chin’s still numb who else should they share it with with people that are getting their wisdom teeth pull yea so they don’t freak out about it because it’s really not that big of a deal and until next time bye

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