Keto Flu Relief | Simple Tips To Avoid These Symptoms

In this video, you’ll discover Keto flu symptoms
and how to get relief. Hi ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski, and welcome back to the
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community so I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we’re talking about Keto flu
relief. I think this is really important because,
first of all, a lot of people start the Ketogenic diet, and they don’t know what to expect. Well, what they should expect is the Keto
flu and some of the symptoms that come along with that. And what I see in clinical practice all the
time is people go and they want to start the Ketogenic diet, all these different symptoms
arise. It kind of scares them, and then they back
off and they just quite all together because they say well it didn’t work for me. First of all, what we’re gonna discuss in
this video, the different symptoms that come out of the Keto flu, and then, of course,
how to avoid it. Now, when we look at what the Keto flu is
in general is simply what happens is when we’re actually adapting into the Ketogenic
state, essentially what happens is that our body goes through some changes. Our blood glucose drops. Our insulin levels drop. Our glycogen storage drop. And also, our electrolyte levels drop. As a result, a lot of symptoms start to come
out of that. Now, for someone who is very metabolically
flexible, they’re a very healthy person, this can happen within the first one to two weeks
of starting to follow Ketogenic diet. People who are metabolically inflexible, as
in they’re a little bit more unhealthy, it can take up to six weeks. And so during this time frame, you can have
these Keto flu symptoms. And so, let’s talk about what they are and
then how you get relief with them. First here is headaches. A lot of people start to experience some headaches. Next is lightheadedness. Some people actually get this, you know, this
dizziness tends to scare people, but once again, it’s your body going through some changes
here. Mental fatigue. Throughout the day you just feel like your
brain doesn’t work anymore. Brain fog where you just can’t think clearly. And then also, an increase in heart rate,
nausea, and even muscle cramping. Now, muscle cramping typically occurs around
the eyes, around the mouth, and a lot of the smaller muscles you’ll start to get some twitching
in there. Here’s the different symptoms that will arise. Once again, it’s important to know them so
that you’re not freaked out when they start to happen. You go okay this is part of the process. Here’s what to do about it. First is you actually want to increase your
fat. Your body is going through this process where
it’s switching from burning sugar and carbs for energy, and it’s actually going in and
starting to burn fat for energy. Increasing your fat content is going to be
really positive here. Make sure that you’re pushing the good, healthy
fats so that your body will start utilizing that for energy source. And also, it really helps push your body into
that state towards burning fat for energy. Next, intermittent fasting. That fasting process, once again, just pushes
your body to break down fat and start using ketones for energy. Exogenous ketones, you’d use this in a form
of supplementation. These are very helpful. As a matter of fact, not only are they helpful
in relieving some of the different Keto symptoms that you’ll start to get with this Keto flu,
but they’re also helpful for actually pushing you into the state of Ketosis. Exogenous ketones are really powerful. Next, exercise once again is forcing your
body to start breaking down that fat for energy, making those ketones available. You need to also increase your water intake. This is very important because as your blood
sugar levels drop, as your insulin levels drop, essentially what happens is your body
starts shedding a lot of water. You have to increase your water intake, especially
during that adaptive process. Increase your water intake, and then also
increase your electrolytes. Okay, you can supplement with electrolytes. You can make sure that you’re using sea salt. You can use cream of tartar. You can use an electrolyte balancing drink. But it’s also important to make sure that
you’re increasing your electrolytes during this time. Because simply what happens is that when your
body is dumping all that water, it also is dumping electrolytes with it. When your electrolytes become low you can
become very fatigued and not feel very well. Anyway, increase those electrolytes. When you look at the Keto flu, this is how
you get relief. These are the symptoms that can arise. You know what? It’s very normal for this process to happen
when going and following the ketogenic diet and starting to adapt into the state of ketosis. Be sure to share this video with your friends. Give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions, put it in the comments
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  1. New subscriber! Question, day 3 of my water/salt fast, began having low back pain as well as tingling/pain in my legs. Is this a common detox symptom?

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