“Kids and flu shots” – Tips to Grow By

– [Presenter] “Tips to
Grow by” is sponsored by Akron Children’s Hospital. – I’m talking to Camilla Giallourakis about kids and flu shots. – So, the flu is more than
just a cough or a common cold. It can sometimes cause serious illness, or even hospitalization. The best way to protect you
and your family this flu season is by getting vaccinated. Flu season runs through May, so now is the time to get vaccinated. Children six months and older
can receive the vaccine, and those that are two years and older, can choose between a flu
mist, and a flu shot. So to schedule your vaccine,
contact your pediatrician.

1 thought on ““Kids and flu shots” – Tips to Grow By

  1. FLu has no cure as it mutates, then why vaccinate? a decade ago no one got vaccinated against it except very old people. If government insists on vaccination could be because they are up to something, perhaps to make people dumber or to cause hormonal imbalance and make boys more feminine or girls more masculine and they make millions $$ by doing this.

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