Kids Get MS, Too

(bright music) – My name is Joshua and
I’m seven years old. – Hi my name’s Doug. I play center for my high school team. – I’m Hannah. I play with my dog, I listen
to music, I enjoy photography, and I like taking pictures
of everything around me. – My name is Peter, and this is Harlem. I live right here, right on the corner. I like playing basketball, and I live a great life. (melancholy piano music) – I’m 18 years old and I have MS. – I’m 17 years old and
I was diagnosed with MS. – I’m 14 years old and I
have multiple sclerosis. – And I have MS, and I forget stuff, and sometimes my legs hurt, and I can’t see. – I woke up and I could
not feel my lower half. It was completely numb
and I was very confused. – He was sitting in front
of a 40 inch television. 10 feet away and said, you
know, if I close one eye, I can hear the people but
I can’t see them on the TV. – And then it turns out,
it’s optic neuritis. So I go to the hospital, and
they had me in an MRI machine and they saw the lesions on my brain. And at first it was really scary, cause I didn’t know anything
about it whatsoever. – We don’t have a cure for MS, but we do have treatments,
and we have good ways to help prevent now longterm disability. When I first found out Joshua had MS, I was a little confused. I didn’t know too much information on MS. I also from past experiences
with other doctors misdiagnosing him, and just
brushing me off so much that when he was diagnosed with MS, it was hard for me to take that in. – The Nation Multiple
Sclerosis Society has a wealth of information
to help children/teenagers and their families find
informed and accurate information about multiple sclerosis. – I have to inject myself. I have to use a treatment. This is what it looks like. – There are other teenagers
and children living with multiple sclerosis, and
the National MS Society and other resources can help you connect with other teenagers who can help you through this journey as well. – Some advice that I
would have for somebody that is newly diagnosed is, to be honest just keep loving your life. – When I panic it can
be a serious problem, but it’s not the end of the world. – There are really no limitations. You can be a doctor,
lawyer, engineer, astronaut, teacher, but there’s
nothing that you can’t do, and we can work together to help overcome any challenges that occur. – One thing that MS has
taught me about myself is that I’m definitely a stronger person than I really thought I ever could be. – I’m brave cause I go to
the doctor and do tests, and I’m not scared. – The MS doesn’t stop me, just saying. I just feel like a
normal kid and that’s it. – MS has made me a stronger person. It’s just made me think that
I can get through anything after I’ve been told that I have MS. I can accomplish anything
that I set myself to do. (upbeat music)

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