Kim Kardashian Cries Over Cellulite Pics – KUWTK Recap

(pop music) – [Narrator] Kim
Kardashian reacts to those infamous cellulite butt
photos that went super viral. (pop music) Hey guys, it’s Ali with
your Weekly Dash Cap and the permanently sunburnt Scott Disick and Kourteney K are shockingly
planning a vacay together. This, after Lord D got caught hooking up with some rando while on
another family trip last season. And the sisters are not happy. – Why the (bleeped) are
you going out of town with Scott again? Aren’t we over this? – Can you believe that after we catch Scott with
a girl in Costa Rica. – I can’t believe her. – Kourteney fortunately
comes to her senses and calls off the trip because she is well aware of Scott’s womanizing. – He’s out photographed, you know with a different hooker every day. Brittany told me yesterday about like five different girls that
he’s hooking up with. – Anyways, speaking of
getaways, Kour and the squad head to Mexico for her birthday to stay in a house owned
by the Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis. And immediately Kim cannot handle it. – I just have anxiety. Are you sure it’s safe here? – Kim is having a serious case of PTSD from her Paris robbery. – Ever since Paris, I’ve
just like go through this like worst case
scenario mode in my head. We’re the biggest target ever. I’m just like, why did I come, you know? – But things get worse for princess K when she discovers unflattering pics of her famously enhanced
backside have hit the web. – I don’t get it! Like I literally don’t look like this. – You probably remember this scandal. We told you at the time Kim was devastated and now she admits her fame has made her super
insecure about her body. But weirdly, at the same time, she doesn’t totally believe these photos are truly accurate. – That’s just not what I look like. It can really like hurt your soul if you hear enough bad things about you. Even if you know you don’t look like that. – Who can truly say what
is real in this world besides the fact that
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100 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Cries Over Cellulite Pics – KUWTK Recap

  1. I have yet to meet a normal man who likes fat, flabby asses. By the way Kim….large asses hearken back to slave times when large assed women were considered good breeders by their owners. Way to go, anchoring blacks in the past again.

  2. In American-Celebrity Fantasy World, Kim Kardashia Is Top Fakest, Most Artificial, Grand Mistress Illusionist, Studio-Produced Fiction Reality TV Shows Star To Attain Cultic Following From Desperate 4 Vanities Americans & Fake News Media After Quick Profits & Brainwash Programs!

  3. big ass. Is not simbol off beauty. That large. Person should be proporchional. And what you do with that. Man are also sick. Fantasy about woman but. Ooook. She shits farts but in style. I dont know. Nobody cares. Is interesting because people are sick and pervert.

  4. I hate the Kardashian’s. How can someone get famous and make millions of dollars just for making a sex tape when we have people with real talent out there! Kim grow up stop crying over stupid things. And to be honest you were so much prettier before you got famous now all you do is plastic surgery! Stop treating your mom like crap be more respectful she had you, you wouldn’t be famous today if it wasn’t for her so be more respectful. Use your fame and money for the good. Not everything is about you and I’m actually embarrassed for you because your youngest sister makes more than you and she didn’t have to take her clothes off like you did 😉

  5. Producers need to make better shows. Something we can watch with our families not some drama show! And why care about them when they don’t even care about me or know I exist🤷🏻‍♀️ waste of time! We need better tv shows

  6. YES you soooo look like that. Nobody added those lumps.. You hire your own photographers and they smooth out your lumpy arse.

  7. Awww poor Kim. ..cameras don't lie. ..own it!!! Your ass is dimmable lol…Why shouldn't scott back then. It's not like kourt would give it to scott except when she wanted a baby.

  8. So you mean to tell me that Bruce ( damn right his DNA spells man lol) Kim, Khole and ALL of them are not mentally ill. Identity Issues, can understand reality vs non reality. They all want to be something or someone else. They want to be black women and Bruce wants to be Caitlyn.

  9. Of course that's what you look like that's what you get wend you fill your ass it melts down your looking like a tranny

  10. Sorry Kim but that's reality. The whole world knows you were hiring your own paparazzi under the condition they "fixed" their photo's. With so much crap pumped into your backside you really expect it to look natural??? Well newsflash, it DOESN'T. You were much more physically attractive before that crap. You ruined your body, well done.

  11. You poor thing should i rip my ass off in tribute i just want to be your butt slave you need a guy to worship your ass in front of the world in shame go kim

  12. Maybe you shouldn't waste money on plastic surgery! Cardi-b had illegal ass ingections at 21 in NY, and fake tits but she is hot as can be! And Real!
    Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian = full diaper. Kylie and Bruce both trying to be kim. LMAO! It's a fucked up world

  13. Poor Kim.. Now that the world knows that her fake ass is nothing more than a size xxxxxxxxxL Diaper full of rotten cheese and Fix-a-flat… Lets not forget that she got famous from sucking a big black dick on a porno her mom produced.

  14. She pays her own photogs to pretend they are paparazzi. And then the pics are massively photoshopped. She does really look like these pics. All the others are nothing what she really looks like. Way to go Kim. You issue fake n fraudulent pics, which misrepresent reality all your young female followers can nervier look like that because even you don’t look like that. Result? Depression, suicide, eating disorders and all kinds of bad things.

  15. I’m so excited to see how Kim is going to look when she’s got grey hairs and she’s old she will probs photoshop everything and when someone finds out she did I it they will show how she really looks like and she will be used to seeing a photoshopped Kim she will start crying about how she looks say it’s not her I think that her face will get rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly baggy !

  16. Dumb gold digging disgusting bimbo cunts with their fake ass lips and thousand dollar make up jobs to cover their real face. That entire family is going straight to Hell.

  17. Yeah, that IS what she looks like.
    You know you have a problem when you start believing your own fake press/filters/photoshopping.

  18. Kim u dumb lying bitch u promote lies and when u get caught u lie more. Fuck that surgery addict. Fake ass, ass, ass hat!

  19. She is such a deep person that she feels devastated when someone attacks her because of her looks poor her. Thanks Kim for the legacy you will leave to the world after you die one day

  20. bitch in denial….yes you look like that….its not just one picture where you look like you have on a diaper

  21. all a bunch of self obsessed ego maniacs that will never truly be happy or find real balance in their lives. Feel sorry for these people do not revere them.

  22. That's strange, because Kanye also said, "Why did I come?"…With slightly different context and spelling, of course.

  23. That tranny has the most dead butt ever………..put it underground before it starts to get filled with flies and with disgusting stench and full of maggots…………kims but…….RIP….rest in pieces

  24. She literally does look like that but she's so used to lying she believes her own lies and photoshop now

  25. I would watch that fucking stupid ass show if she would make her butt a bigger poopy diaper and quit walking so her legs get skinnier!!

  26. I'm not a fan of all the sexy photoshopped booty pics out there. I like to admire the real thing, even if there is cellulite, booty pimples, discoloration whatever lol. Real pics are better than photoshopped fakes, I actually think that Kim's untouched booty pics are way more sexy than her photoshopped junk.

  27. So if a guy is not with these 3 sisters all women are hookers
    Well guess what girls you are the hookers of American society

  28. Its simple Kim….have a friend take a picture of you in the exact same pose and see for yourself if thats how your ass really looks or not….no Photoshop just a real picture

  29. My 8 year old son stuffed the backside of his pajamas and said .. and I quote, "when i have a girl friend .. I want her to have a butt like Kim Kardashian" … you need to watch this

  30. Kim you do look like that your ass is wack it looks just event you have little tiny twig legs and a huge fake ass that's not proportionate and it looks ridiculous

  31. She doesn't cry over her pictures, she's crying because of her PTSD. Not cool to use someone's trauma for clickbait

  32. Ok so why is Kim crying over cellulite on her butt it was clearly there why cry over it oh I know because everyone saw it oh okay 😆?!!!

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