there it is there’s the rock you look
for the rock right girl it’s a different video
it’s a different video volume line all right everybody this is one of the most
beautiful gorges in the neighborhood well when I stay in the neighborhood I
mean between please between Idahoan and Wow I mean right I just love this run
through here even in the winter it’s it’s just so pretty but that’s where we
are right now over here in Utah the girl is sleeping her hind end off and I think
though I think the lady flus coming she’s been awful cranky but I’m just
gonna deal with that you know you got a ain’t they craters they are just
critters but we got 834 miles to go to Seattle I’m gonna knock out another 300
of that at least and then I will throw her in the driver’s seat I’m sure she
might be grumpy about it no she won’t be grumpy she’s a good girl but she does
have her issues don’t she I changed the camera mount and put I’m using a camera
that what I’m sorry I telephone that I had some issues with in the past but I
really like the widescreen on it and that’s what I’m using today hopefully
it’s gonna capture everything okay and not wobble too much I don’t know we’re
gonna see about that I might have to throw this away and I’m not gonna cut
this out cuz you know I hate editing out exactly what I’m saying at any given
time we’re not going to be able to do any
riding in Seattle I don’t believe I got a dentist appointment on Monday where I
had my head that root canal and they better go back in and you know fix the
little hole in tooth whatever unplug it and plug it up with the real thing
so we won’t even be delivering on Monday but that’s okay and since I’m gonna be
home on Friday if I if I get a direct load right back out of Seattle then I
think I’m gonna take that safety motorcycles course cuz guys y’all know
I’ve been driving motorcycles forever I’ve never had a license I’m just an
outlaw know I’ve always mostly most of the time had a permit when I was writing
most of the time okay I’m a little bit of an outlaw take me to church or jail
or somewhere else I’ve sinned in the eyes of the law oh well anyway if I get
that class I won’t have to take the test and just you know they they’re actually
if you take the certification test you don’t have to take the motorcycle
driving tests cuz they give it to you they’re apparently they’re certified or
whatever and I think everywhere in the country does that because like I asked
my state and they was like yeah you can do the certification anywhere as long as
you have the certificate saying that you completed it so that’s my intentions
I’ll get there on Friday be done with the class on Sunday and then go back to
work after my dentist appointment on Monday deliver on Tuesday morning
hopefully get a load back back out you know that ain’t gonna happen it never
happens like that it’s like we always go sit for two or three days but last week
turned out real good we hauled that load to West Virginia from Seattle remember
we started the week out we was we was telling sailboat fuel back and then we
start we drop down to Salt Lake and picked up two engines one going to
Nashville and one going to West Virginia dropped off there was supposed to pick
up the next day go on to Seattle and that load ended up changing and going to
the airplane with y’all seen in the last video and then we came back that night
and reloaded for Seattle and we had but we did end up with two
days of lay out they were play or pay in there which I’m spectacular with that
bump this run up when I have to go home anyway so you know I wouldn’t have done
it would have been bad if I had ended up back in Illinois on Wednesday and had to
sit and to stay home for Tom til Monday right this away I’m gonna get there do
my weekend thing get Mundy taken care up and go back to work keep the money
rolling because in these hard times you got to keep the damn money rolling and
that’s what we’re doing the girls got me putting out these rocks up here today
and I’ll show y’all Rock that I’m gonna put out later when I when I stop you
won’t know I stop you’ll think that the I made the first part of the video in
the beginning but what it is is I’m gonna make it all later so y’all stay
tuned for for the girls Rock a Palooza if this camera seems to be wiggling
around a little bit that’s because the truck now has a hundred and nine
thousand miles on it and I’m gonna have to do a review on that but I’ll go ahead
and tell you now that with this fourteen thousand five steer axle in the front
you can’t run regular tires or you’ll blow them out because they’re just not
rated for that but I’ve got thirteen fives on here which are rated for or
thirteen fifteen tires which are wider than twenty four fives and they’re rated
for fourteen five but you got to keep a hundred and twenty pounds of air
pressure in them and they only last about a hundred thousand miles so I’m
gonna have to stop on the way out of Seattle and replace these front tires
you heard the girl was talking about a noise on the dash well that’s because
the front tires still look great but the outside the outside edges of them are
starting to wear a little bit and there’s not anything I can do about it
I’ve never tried rotating steer tires so I don’t I don’t know if that would work
I’m not even gonna try they’re $1,500 for two new ones
I did thinking about go think I’m thinking about going to the 350s
but in order to go to the 350s you gotta buy the big 9 inch rims like you see on
dump trucks and stuff and the tires well there that’s four thousand dollars to
make that change just two rims and two tires
four thousand dollars I’m not I’m not willing to come off that much Jack right
now so I’ll come gonna come off the 1,500 put the same tires back on here
but maybe a slightly better brand I mean the brain is great but the slightly
different design I should say of the tire and see if I can’t get another
hundred thousand miles that would actually work out really good although
the other tires would save me money in the long run but I just don’t want to
come off $4,000 right now I know I should y’all can smack me for being a
cheap bastard but no I’m a cheap bastard but I think it’ll be all right and then
this camera won’t have any wiggle edge it’ll run smooth as a clock that’s the
way we like it you know we’re dead you don’t know where it’s it
good-o are you gonna pay where’s it gonna be so nobody sees it
st. pop-pop 20 there it is see yeah it was all good and
then it washed me out as soon as it started flash it lash me
heyo white girl problems right out guys right my glasses are filthy where we at
Ida help Mountain Home Mountain Home Idaho guys
I stopped last night took a nap I know it’s very unlike me we’re a little bit
concerned but occasionally naps are good I don’t what’s cut into me you’re just
getting out I’m 26 how old are you old man 12
oh now we’re getting did a little bit too young realm there they’ll be coming
after me these classes are horrible so we are in Idaho it’s actually not as
cold as I thought it would be and we’re still on our way to see Anna
but we’ll be there shortly what 500 and some change
yeah so I will probably get there and then we’ll unload and hopefully you just
will have to turn right back around I hope so and I hope they take that
motorcycle course I’ve really taken a motorcycle oh I know go ahead Gregor and
it’s not my fault I ain’t got the certificate and there’s your look at the
whole swarm of birds running this way do you see them they’re running this way
it’s the Covey of quail if y’all come out here in this corner
over here we’ve seen them move in when we took the dogs out there’s a whole
Covey of quail that just roam around everywhere and I’m easily amis so I am
very intrigued by the Covey of quail phone everywhere so I’m not there’s dubs
with him to see one flying away and see that one right there it was on the back
of that truck hanging out great the two best-tasting birds in the in the
water hanging out so you know you can always come here get some beef that one
kind of looks like a roadrunner she’s standing on top there okay she says so
grab burgers aren’t up here it looks taller and thinner go I tell you what you don’t pay me near
and I have to teach you when you well I’m using this for nefarious
activity no it’s not nefarious it’s just gonna buy tangled live music they don’t
want to have a copy Walter Walter is not part of the
he’s part of the old person pack yeah Walters will fight him for Biggs he
drinks coffee what else does he do this old people
he wants to stay in bed my 26 year old self yeah I bet if I got
some Gooden twenties or some part peanuts or some Boston baked beans which
is what I considered Mandy but what he tells me is OPP inhabitable Walter has a soul of an old person
you’re on keto you don’t get baked beans or made that test
guess what I got awesome jelly’s we jealous now we don’t give man remember ya know you will eat the whole
thing and then I will little buddy I’m keeping him for myself

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