Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

over in China the death toll from the
virus Rises while the disease continues to spread across the world
whistle blowing Chinese doctor who was among the first to identify the deadly
new corona virus died of the disease in Wuhan earlier this morning packagin
brings us the updates the death toll in China from the novel coronavirus has had
636 with a total number of confirmed cases standing at more than 31,000
china’s national health commission revealed the latest figures early Friday
with 73 deaths and more than 3,000 additional cases occurring in a single
day but around 1500 patients were discharged from hospital in Fuquay
province alone they’re up in 618 deaths and over 22,000 confirmed cases that’s
an increase of 69 deaths and 2,400 cases in one day among those who died from the
illness is Li wen Liang one of the first doctors to have warned
people about the corona virus the 34 year old had informed the public through
WeChat back in December of a SARS like disease but he was targeted by the
police for making false comments the nation met the news of his death with
grief and anger demanding the government to apologize for downplaying the
seriousness of the virus the news also sparked the issue of freedom of speech
in China in response China announced it will send an anti-corruption team to
probe issues regarding Li with no signs of the outbreaks throwing down china’s
enforce lock downs and similar measures in 14 more provinces and cities outside
of Hebei province the cities affected include Hong Jerell downing and Nanjing
vicar’s continue to rise in other parts of the world as well the virus has
killed two people outside the Chinese mainland one in Hong Kong and one in the
Philippines over 30 cases have been detected in Europe Germany having the
most with 13 patients overall Japan has reported the highest number of confirmed
cases outside of China followed by Singapore Thailand in South Korea
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100 thoughts on “Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

  1. Seems like some big conspiracy behind the outburst of coronavirus in china. Truth must be come out for the sake of human kind.

  2. Indonesia hasn't reported even1 case yet. im worriee that it's not that there aren't any infected it's that it's not detectable because our country's lack of attention

  3. America has been producing biological weapons since 1943. This biological weapon corona virus, was transmitted by the American government to the Chinese people.

  4. My opinion is the Communist China did this to their own people they pick the right time Chinese new years to spread it around the world.

  5. You know the communist chinese government created this disease in order to get views on youtube, their channel had so little subscribers. Yer but seriously just nuke the shithole before its too late.

  6. chinese "ANTI-CORUPTION TEAM" hahahahahaha , I laughed so fucking hard.
    Mate, do you think any sane western citizen will ever buy that communist crap ? There's a huge list of events that proves neither Russia or China are to be trusted when shit hits the fan, so far that list was topped by Chernobyl, right now China tries to outdo it. 🙂

  7. Communist / China governments always hide truth. And they sure do not know the deaths in the country side, in ghetto, in remote farms / villages, bodies abandoned in streets (no family), people in jail = reeducation camps…

  8. I dont want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but could it be that some organisation(,newworld order, iluminati,, cia,,mosad,, etc etc ) unleashed this virus on china or the world as its slowly moving places
    Maybe a plan to end most life on earth for depopulation
    You never know but i doubt this virus can kill billions only time will tell

  9. 耶穌不是在譴責你,而是以愛的表情看著你,原諒你,等待你邀請他活在你心中。耶穌愛你們所有人!


  10. Can't we please get factories up and running to create more tests as well as Respirators to send to first China and then the world? PLEASE China Transparency so we can help?

  11. Dear Chinese brethrens believe in Jesus he is the one and only one to heal your coronavirus if you believe in him he will surely heal you.
    2 chronicle7:14
    "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land."

  12. Sorry, but I don't believe the Chinese government the Dead only in their hundreds. I bet it's in their thousands because they're burning the course will never know. No, stop eating animals that you shouldn't eat. You're a willpower. You shouldn't be eating dogs snakes cats and dogs.

    Viewer We all know the Corona virus is the name of terror to people today. And this awareness-driven video was created. So don't Avoid the video.
    Just watch and alert You and Your Neighbor.

  14. As a Chinese, the situation is not as bad as you feel, and it is getting better. For a small number of people who are not wise to run to your country, we are helpless. Please treat them rationally.

  15. Attention People! ( Also before you say anything I am Chinese )

    P l e a s e for the love of god stop blaming the Chinese people.

    Yes I know eating Dogs sounds gross cause “ItS a PeT” and stuff, but we legit eat caged pigs, cows and worst of all chickens. Most of the The chicken eggs that we eat come chickens that are caged in little cell like cages! If anything, other people should that say W E are the disgusting ones.

    Also, the Chinese couldn’t have known that the corona virus wouldn’t started. In fact, Bat as been a delicacy in China since 2016!

    Also Also, stop saying that we Chinese people will eat anything. That is not true and very rude. Yes, some people in China eat dogs and cats, but ( get ready for something mind blowing ) Lots of people in China are A g a i n s t Eating dogs and cats (mind blowing I know).

    Do I have to remind you that people in the America’s experiment with rabbits and mice?

    Have a good day.

  16. President Xi Xiping cannot wait any longer,
    The Coronavirus kills and it's getting stronger,
    His patience is running thin this party is over,
    Hong Kong belongs to him and all the sons and the daughters,
    Gonna crack heads wide open and shoot eyes out all to the rhythm of the Commie Beijing Chinese regime baton beat,
    It's crack-a-lacking when batons bust heads to the Commie Chinese Beijing baton beat,
    It doesn't matter how well you've passed your academic tests,
    Your ass is reserved exclusively for Xi,
    Google, Twitter, Sillycon and Bernie Sanders,
    All pander to the rhythm of the Commie Beijing Chinese regime baton beat,
    The pressure sure is high for the President For Life,
    Got to mass recruit 10 year olds into the factory assembly lines,
    Hong Kong lost in reverie against Beijing Commie harsh reality,
    For a communist man like Xi 2047 is much too long of a time,
    Therefore, gotta bust heads wide open and shoot eyes out all to the rhythm of the Commie Beijing Chinese regime baton beat,
    You got a high I.Q. and you passed your S.A.T.s,
    But, what you fail to understand,
    None of that matters to a Communist enforcer man like Xi,
    Therefore, gotta bust them heads wide open and shoot eyes out all to the rhythm of the Commie Chinese Beijing regime baton beat,

  17. Maybe we shouldn't eat pangolins or other exotic meats. Disgusting habit. China seems to be full of animal related diseases. Go figure.

  18. The people: lets make a change, together we shall PROTEST and accomplish this.

    Government leaders : we are going down, let's release a deadly virus in the midst of all this.

  19. It's funny that some Americans know nothing about what's going on in China and what the Chinese government and people are doing, but they are abusing the Chinese government. What you see is what the media that hate China want you to see! Use your fucking brain to think, why does the Chinese government want Dr. Li Wenliang to shut up? Because the virus has not been identified as SARS or anything else, but he and his friends said that it is SARS virus. The Chinese people respect and appreciate him very much, but the Chinese government is right in this matter!
    ——From a Chinese citizen

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  21. My husband's business has just been going so down because of this virus.pls China do something about before we go broke

  22. Standard Operating Procedure: Test, Track, Capture, Isolate. This process as proposed by all the Medical Experts or WHO, one can see it's negative outcome in Wuhan, China, the origin of this pandemic. The following scenario emerges. Today is a medical staff, tomorrow is a patient. Today is the public security, and tomorrow is the patient. The medical staff works very hard to diagnose and the public security similarly hard up in arrest and quarantined suspects but the end results is just feed into a massive Big Data machine. People at the top become so infatuated with infection statistics. More tracking, more contact, more infection. How do you expect this vicious circle to end?

  23. ten to one the chinese govt was working on a bio weapon that got out to their own citizens would not be a shock to the western world

  24. This doctor is a hero. Because of this doctor I think people should have an understanding.
    I don't trust the Chinese government.
    They are willing to hurt their own people.
    But the Chinese people Have more Pride than what people think.
    There were several other doctors and nurses. Who came out above the virus
    I myself do not believe it is from any animals.
    I think it's chemical and biologic.
    Let's remember. The Chinese government tried to hold it back from the people.
    If it wasn't for the Chinese people. We would never have known about it.
    And please let's remember. It's not their people. It's their government.

  25. …the NEWS in the US is saying we have nothing to worry about — uhm ….. and everyone is worried whether the Democrats are going to confiscate semi-auto weapons — I wonder why …. GET PREPARED PEOPLE : My Patriot Supply & Guns/Ammo !!!!!

  26. This guy is infected cause he Chinese and this lady sounds stupid asf I can’t not laugh because her fucking englished

  27. This coronavirus is part of trade wars from evil America deliberately deliver into central of china from evil America as an trade wars, America is an evil nation

  28. WUHAN VIRUS: yippee, my children murdered 100 people in one day. And thanks your pipe and plumbing systems my children spread their infection everywhere. This is our dream come true. You Human-saurs are getting sicker quicker.

  29. Why these ppl disinfecting or blowing smoke that has no chemicals in it just for show or they just dumb cause they don’t have the cure for it

  30. Hi, still not curable….Very said ..
    Plz Search Internet.. Brahmrishi SHREE kumaaranand Sarswatyanand Ji Maharaj Ji.,.
    Pay his fees and request him to do the needful…. Its not a blindfaith….I hope… your people may be cured as soon as possible…Plz don't neglect…. Firstly I wase really feared to write…But now .,….he is a world well known even by Western Scientists..,,.do it earlier Soon….save the people 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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