Leaders in Adrenal Cancer Research and Care

>>When we got done with that, we
went and we saw the doctor again and got the CAT scan done the next day. And that was on a Friday to Saturday. And on Monday –>>We got the phone call. [ Music ]>>I was in the hospital for five days. And the last day I was in the
hospital, the thoracic doctor that did the lung surgery came in with his team. And they all came in with solemn faces
and I could tell something was wrong.>>I’ll never forget the day. It was August 3rd, 2010. The doctor came into the family waiting room. You know, it was kind of like Charlie
Brown the “wa,wa, wa, wa, wa.” You know, he said words —
this big long thing ending in carcinoma and I had no idea what is was. And he said, “Well, your
brother has adrenal cancer.”>>Whenever there is cancer, frankly, it
doesn’t matter which organ it’s arising from. For me it’s — cancer is
devastating to the patient, devastating to the family
and whoever it touches.>>In the United States at any given time, there’s probably a thousand
of us who have this disease. And a lot of them are very, very sick.>>These are real people who are affected. And adrenal cancer affects
those who least expect it.>>It — it, for me, it blew me
away that my daughter had cancer. Heather — I don’t think she actually grasped at that time what cancer really
was only being a 21-year-old.>>What is hard and heartbreaking in this
disease is that so many of my patients die, that the balance between hope
and reality sometimes feels slim. [ Music ] But I’m tired of seeing people die.>>We really are on the cusp of greater
understanding which will lead us to more intelligent therapeutic decisions.>>We are now ready to make big leaps forward
in our understanding of adrenal cancer and our ability to treat patients.>>Whenever we’re dealing with rare
malignancies as adrenal cancer, it’s difficult to find one place that
has expertise like Doctor Hammers, Doctor Millers, Doctor Giordano, etc.>>So we’re sort of at this golden
age of cancer genome science. The last 20 years or so,
we’ve — we’ve really learned that cancer is largely an
acquired genetic disease.>>We define a cancer by what organ it forms in. Lung cancer begins in the lung,
adrenal cancer begins in the adrenal.>>The genetic change in our DNA at the
most fundamental level is the root cause of almost all cancers.>>So without a doubt, what we learn about
the rare adrenal cancer we have every reason to believe will inform us about
the defects in all cancers.>>So it’s an exciting time.>>It is patients and families
and private foundations who are changing the landscape of this disease.>>I think, quite frankly, that — that I probably would not be here
today if it were not for them.>>Because it is these groups
that are setting the agenda.>>Truly, philanthropy and
such gifts are the only way that we’re really going to
make advances in this field.>>So I think the future of adrenal
cancer is quite bright because of a lot of the work that’s being here
at the University of Michigan.>>That giving back to other people and impacting other people
was just part of her being.>>Adrenal cancer is so rare that there’s
virtually no center in the world that focuses so exquisitely and exclusively on adrenal cancer like the University of Michigan
has been able to.>>And that makes — makes the University
of Michigan a very exciting place to be. To be at the forefront of
where adrenal cancer is going.>>The goal is to exploit the genetic
fingerprint of the cancer in each affected boy, in each affected girl, in each affected
mom, in each affected dad to treat, to care for, and to cure each and every one. And that’s what we’re going to do. So, imagine that. Imagine that. [ Music ]

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  1. Hello, I'm going thru testing right now. I have PV & Myelofibrosis. I've been sick for awhile with enlarged spleen, Anemia and Jak2 Positive. Lately I've been having fevers, night sweats, chills, and lost weight. A blood test came back strongly suggesting I may have a tumor/adrenal gland cancer & need to take a 24 hr urine test. My WBC count was high & my RBC count was high. Hemoglobin was a 9. Heart rate is also very high 130s-140s. Sorry for the long comment, just looking to see if I can get more info, opinions or if anyone is going thru the same thing. Thanks, Lynn❤

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