Learning About Athlete’s Foot

Well with the name like athlete’s foot you might think the condition is a good thing but anyone who’s ever dealt with athlete’s foot knows better athlete’s foot is a fungal infection meaning it’s caused by a fungus something found in mushrooms mold and mildew so doctor again tell us why causes fungus to grow in our feet in the first place? Okay so as Laura mentioned athlete’s foot is due to a fungal infections more specifically due to tinea pedis okay so this is a fungal this is a fungus that enjoys moisture especially in between our toes and in the bottom of our feet it can form cracks what we call redness of the in between the feet okay and and a lot of itching can occur okay and redness as we’re seeing in this picture the interesting thing is that believe it or not they even though you can practice good hygiene we recommend for you to really wash your socks because guess what the fungus can be dormant in the socks so washing your socks regularly is something that I really really advocate to eradicate this bug from reoccurring in your feet and interestingly as well is that the majority 30 to 40 percent of the time it can be eradicated on its own now if you see that your your symptoms are not improving and you continue with the itching and the redness is just kind of spreading throughout we recommend at that point for you to take a prescribed topical antifungal medication.

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  1. i find athletes foot fungus very sexually attractive love the sound of scratching using toenails and heels

    this video makes no sense anyway how athletes foot is rare

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