Learning About Cellulitis & Carbuncles

What is cellulitis and how does somebody get that? So cellulitis is a skin infection that affects the first and second layers of the skin it’s usually due to staph or strep bacterial infections what happens basically there’s disruption of these skin layers causing the bacteria to start invading okay the problem with this is that if it invades and it starts multiplying and reproducing out of at a rapid pace it can go even further and into our bloodstream and this as we’ve mentioned can cause systemic disease and go on to what we call sepsis and even septic shock which means basically your whole body is collapsing due to this infection okay and the treatment options usually with mud cellulitis the treatment is a topical you can start with topical antibiotics as well as oral antibiotics okay you take them your doctor will decide the course the the theme the antibiotic and how long they recommend for you to take this antibiotic. Carbuncles and just a little bit more to on those where they might show up and the treatment for that it’s an infection of the hair follicle the boil is when there’s multiple hair follicles that are infected and now they have come together and they are forming pus underneath the skin okay underneath the layers so what we have to do with these skin infections is seek a doctor right away because you need to have that surgically or surgical and are cut and drained followed by either prescribed topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics and obviously cleansing the area with antibacterial soap it’s very important.

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