Leg Loss Medical Negligence Compensation

A grandfather from Nottinghamshire has been
awarded a seven-figure sum in medical negligence compensation after being left with “devastating”
injuries following a number of hospital blunders. John Halliday from Retford was told by doctors
at Bradford Royal Infirmary that he had cellulitis and was suffering from an allergic reaction
to medication, whereas in fact he actually had septic arthritis, which had led to kidney
failure and toxic shock syndrome. The ten-day wait between the two diagnoses
meant that a vital surgical washout wasn’t performed on his ankle until later, ultimately
meaning that his left leg needed amputating below the knee. However, before the surgery,
it was discovered that the disease had also spread to John’s lungs and spine. This meant that prostheses couldn’t be used
and the 59-year-old is now confined to a wheelchair, as well as being told that his life expectancy
has been shortened. Following an out-of-court settlement, the local health authority awarded
John £1.5 million in medical negligence compensation. If clinical blunders have left you with life-changing
conditions, you can find out more about receiving medical negligence compensation by contacting
handleylaw.co.uk or by calling 0845 676 9228.

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