Lendemain de soirée chez Mercedes – Essai R350

This is a suppository … A beautiful suppository
! This is a Mercedes class R, either … A little
almost the same! Only, from reliable sources, I know that
the drawing of the first class R also known under the poetic name of W251, started from a
over-watered evening between colleagues from innovation office based in Stuttgart. But
I will come back to this story a little more later.
At the start of 2020 I have the chance to be able to count on splendid weather
who could let us dream of future travel destinations. The kind of destination
which we reach after 3 stops and 12 hours flight to be welcomed elegantly
and comfort at the airport by a shuttle Of this genre… Following the video in response to your different
questions you were a few to ask a presentation of this car which occupies
one more space on my parking lot … lets discover or rediscover a model
which is rather discreet on our roads … And I have the intuition that it suits
rather some of you! This is an R350, and I’m going to tell you
say a little more about it. She is from 2006 and from the top of her 14 years,
she followed the experiments started by CLS in terms of style. The filiation
does not necessarily seem very obvious at first and yet the front optics
and rear as well as the roof line are fairly glaring clues to this future
production which will ultimately leave little traces if we refer to what is
proposed today. Ah yes … let’s go back to the staff for a moment
from the innovation office, which you know the conclusions of my genesis investigation
of this car. Franz joked that the brand
might retry class A but this time by attacking the
family from above. The first witness sketch of the vehicle known to date, humbly
crossed out on a sheet of stolen ass paper in the bathrooms of the Alte Kelter hotel
who was hosting the seminar that evening. The evening was abundantly watered but we
has a hard time understanding how these men yet saints of mind we can lay a
SHUTTLE which would combine the advantages of a VITO to those of a class E station wagon. Okay, let’s close this investigative episode
from the inside which is at first glance everything we expect to find
part of a Mercedes from 2006: sober design, a bit uncluttered, and often conducive to light
obscure … Nothing very surprising a priori … We can’t say we don’t have enough space
even in this “short” version which accuses all the same 4m92 long. Just like her big sister, she offers 3
row of seats whose bad I salute visual integration of the latter. The
3 rows are made up of individual seats and not benches, i.e. 6 places with a
good shoulder width (damn it’s crazy i might be presenting a
scenic, I’m going to throw up a blow) The equipment here does not understand anything
amazing, so I don’t have much to tell you of interesting about it, put
apart from maybe the presence of double panoramic sunroof which undermines the
rigidity of the body. Obviously to avoid finding the interior
fully melted one summer afternoon, blackout blinds are present. open
in large the interior is obviously a lot brighter but personally I’m not
not very sensitive to sunroofs and I therefore see only moderately the interest of
spend a few thousand euros for such an option. Despite everything it can be
nice i imagine enjoying the fresh air rushing through the panel in the open position,
however, in this month of January, I did not not tested, risk of contracting instantly
pneumonia that would have been fatal to me. This video would therefore not have been published
and ultimately you would not have missed great thing because we mustn’t mess around we talk
still from a minivan on Smells Like Gasoline And while we’re at it I’m done with the stuff
boring people telling you that for jigs conventional, we feel rather comfortable
and well settled in these advancing seats, move back and whose file switches as
we are entitled to wait for him in a vehicle like this one. If we are interested in more detail in the part
back we find this famous 3rd row which transforms a cargo hold into a box
in twingo gloves in a jiffy. But well, it’s true that even for me who is not
not dwarf, a long journey to this location could be considered. To choose I still prefer the seats
before. In any case I appreciate the combination Alcantara leather material which is sum
all more comfortable even if also less durable over time and more messy than
full leather. Here the trunk with the 3rd row of seats
folded down only. And we can already greet the work of Himler, the ergonomist dear to the
brand that has done a good job again. In the same vein, just know that
navigation in the instrument cluster menus as well as using the main interface
are just as messy. Besides it is missing even essential stuff. Like … the time.
The only place I found it is on the analog clock, inserted in the
rev counter. However, the radio allows well Here. I found how the first
buyers may have had to pay nearly 70,000 for a model whose level
finish and quality of materials clearly target … The American market.
To be honest, it’s even a level below of the ML w163 that I have already presented to you,
and that is strong … So no doubt, for me, they saw the
car in total darkness and they were probably delighted by this atmosphere
bright at the same time elegant and abundant. Good and under the hood, then? We find
a V6 of 3.5 cubic capacity as left assume the denomination 350. It develops
272 brave ponies and 350nm of torque. This over a speed range from 2400 to
5000 rpm thanks to the introduction variable timing. And as you can see
here, the appearance of this mechanism does not leave hovering no doubt, this is an evolution of the
M112 found under the hood of the ML320 by example. The sound of these M272 v6 therefore pays homage
to their predecessors … So understand … The archetype of engine noise. Is about
a performance of arriving at a sound as insignificant, and finally, it corresponds
probably well what the first-time buyers of these class R. This is probably the most uneven terrain
that most of these vehicles will encounter, not enough to really request the transmission
integral and the ground clearance which is not no longer insane on this version of which only
the rear shock absorbers are pneumatic. I let you enjoy this incredible
lyrical flight and extraneous noises from the cockpit which I reassure you mingle
to those of fixing the camera … Dynamically, I don’t have big rescue
to do to him, let’s not forget that this thing weighs more than two tonnes and has absolutely no
vocation to be jostled. Hard to getting scared apart can be when braking,
the understeer is not as marked as I also feared it. The V6 has a lot to do to move this sperm whale
but the numbers are ultimately brighter that the sensation it gives, that is to say
to get started painfully. The 0 100 falls in just over 8 seconds, not so bad. Heck … no barrels, you’re disappointed
huh ?! Income at a pace more in line with
the public targeted by the car we can greet the great smoothness of the 7G-tronic:
anyway when you are very relaxed in driving because I found it however
not very suitable for improvisation and fashion comfort it even tends to pass the
higher ratio at roundabout exit which is … Inappropriate and a little brutal.
When she orders, she inaugurates the return the lever attached to the steering column,
like on our good old Caprice from 77. Behind the wheel there are also
pallets but contrary to what I expected Helmut saw fit to introduce
a double order for each … Which is destabilizing, since we can downgrade
or pass the next gear as much right than left. Not a fan of this logic. Since the reports are almost imperceptible
in pouring pipe we end up solving it with the benefit of achieving consumption
rather reasonable average considering characteristics of the machine. 11.5 Liters
/ 100 km over the last 18,000 kilometers in the present case. When comfort, it is royal on large
roughness of the road but is altered by the trepidation due to the low height
sidewalls: 19 “on this car supposed to promote comfort, it’s a lot
too much. Here is .. A balance sheet to be nuanced taking into account
my inappropriate expectations. This R350 remains a good machine for traveling and boarding
bulky cargo all in one good comfort. I personally admit everything
likewise appreciate the design work done on it, unlike what I might
let believe. I find him some personable, for an airport shuttle I hear … Come on young people … And not so young for that matter …
Auf wiedersehen 1st and last time I make a minivan

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