Let’s talk about Your Eyes

– The question is eyes. Your eyes are one of the
most sensitive places on your entire body. When you realize that this eye is really just brain tissue, it’s soft and spongy, and it directly relays
a message to the brain, it’s really like open brain tissue. So it’s sensitive, it’s vulnerable, to bacteria, to viruses,
to yeast in the air, to pollution, to acids, the things that you might splash in it. The things I hear people
complain about most and that I research and read about is itchiness and dry eyes, and bacterial infections. And cataracts or inflammation
in the back of the eye that’s causing macular degeneration. I understand that the eye is so sensitive, but it also is the quickest
healing organ in the body. That’s why they can do this surgery on you where they cut the eye and
it seals back up and heals in literally 12 hours. The eye heals that quickly. So I look for a liquid or
a gel that’s all natural, that doesn’t require a prescription, that can be put in the eye in drop form or rinse the eye, or even put gel in the eye. And you only need to do it twice a day. And by doing so, it will destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast, and that will help hydrate the eye because it’s now healthy, inflammation has gone down,
and so does the inflammation. Another use for liquid silver is in an eye dropper. Now the eye dropper can be filled and you can just tip your head back and put a few drops in your eye. Now one or two drops is
not going to be enough, but if you pump an entire fluid, all the fluid in one eye dropper, you’re gonna have rinsed out that eye. It works on the other eye
right after that as well. You just need to leave it that
way for about five minutes and it will rinse right out, right off, and it will help destroy
bacteria, viruses and yeast that might be in or on your eye. One other option is to take an oval shot glass. OSHA has approved these as eye wash cups. And you just fill it up half full, put it on your eye. As you tip it back, the glass will have a good
closed seal around your eye, and you’ll have a little aquarium for your eye to circulate in. Rinse it for 15 seconds and that’s a full and beneficial
way to deal with eyes.

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