Lost Cold War Bunkers near RAF Greenham Common

so it’s Sunday! is it? Its freezing! its 4 4 degrees outside 4 degrees outside and wish to still be in my sleeping bag toilet down the end of the road! useful information! Did a lovely job at cleaning the windscreen! Right so we go some ROC Posts and stuff to do today going to pick up number 1 fan oh yeah where are we now eeerrmm Southwest Berkshire folks! so number 1 Berkshire fan? right then lets put pedal to the metal as
they say in America do we need satnav do you recon? I think Wing it!! What is going on here folks that woman was asleep in her car last night? no give them a little honk mate! Didn’t look very happy! going fishing dont see why people fish Van temperatures not even got on the scale Turn off somewhere here dont we? right so yes we have been we are going to an ROC post located
every the artsy person
Bakshi destroy it just took it into the ocean folks does you know any for information
about this one was it shut down 91 yeah shut down early nineties I believe when
you know how it was demoys I don’t have a clue there’s no there’s no trace of
this so the actual monitoring room could
actually still be there the appear to be but I strongly believe that the farmer
basically when you can see you can you can really see the outline of it right
so if it’s not over growing impatient it’s now grown into it I can see the
outline of it so I don’t know if he’s out of digger and Bosch the roofing and
filled in right but we’ve got telegraph poles yes sir there has little things
going to walk up here so may well that might have been when that came home one
would have come off of here yeah see that’s how I found this place in the
first place because the details are a bit sketchy at the time right so I just
followed the telephone wires and the water tower down there what what’s our
yeah that’s yeah water tower that’s right there’s also a trick point in the
bush so new remains of any fences you know I suppose that’s the recent post isn’t it
you go maybe no maybe not but reinforce let’s definitely go I’m sitting it it’s
a shame what was it the quite clearly see see little ad outline or something
there yeah looks and it looks a bit dipped as well it does this where you
are there right in front of your face yeah see what I mean so I reckon the
roofs been busting it’s been backfilled nothing so was it like the mo DS to sort
of demolish them for the farmers or something like that if I think some
cases they did demolish him the mo d did before they gave it back something like
that I’m not sure so many there’s like 1500 posts in the UK fo new BRE do you
also have a theory though because from people are spoken to about this
particular post online we although it although this is a farmer’s field what
we’ve actually got here we’ve got a public footpath I don’t run directly
next to it yeah so you should an ROC post down there’s a public footpath
there what you’re going to get you’re going to get kids to our break into it
so why just demolish it no trace of it so it can’t be yeah no use freely elicit
back to know stuff that’s the nature a lot of people
comment at least who come in and walk their dogs and they would see people two
people who I open the hatch climb in and the grounder there was also private
areas aren’t they yeah you know so take some walk into so they’re not just on
the side device if you would only know what’s going on Christ
isn’t it just sort of mushroom folks by that up that goes up there yeah and then it dips
down yeah really ashamed roof yeah so yes that was Newbury RFC post location
will observe a call folks amazing piece of history on to the next location yeah all right they won’t for a count or
whether they were yeah yeah depends like some locations going back to life mm
yeah like the southeast has got loads of old-fashioned Maps it always seems to be than it is so what
is this that’s a trick point well it’s one of them on top of that hill we went
up remember you stood on top of it jumped off oh yeah I think it’s supposed
to signify the highest point of a particular area where I define pick on
thinking widely I’m sure some someone I’ll check out exactly the old truth
point folks right on to the next location folks they left it Road very carefully this very passing place for frequent
also supports go this is will be we’ll pay for that whiskeys
now why she watches watch slippery release a dachshund it’s a good coke – Arecibo – okay the open wow that’s a big tray is a bit bigger because all the rides
it’s a football thing over here that’s what he was there to stop queen boy
accorded little you hit there that was a lot bigger than last time I came up as it suggests on the phone you but back past it
is as the the guys
or we could go up to the main road remember but that’s where some looking
forward to that’s the easiest way to get to it to about this side yeah dykes is
it come together look hello to my peers unless there’s an
article something comes with you at all taken their Mia
motion get come down it won’t go to South just there oh oh you can’t see it
because of the certain behaves but yeah Greenman Commons just I was there
radiation detector got it it’s in the car
she’ll get it go on right got the glove counter then folks this is because we
need green and common just over there so just going to test see what’s coming out
also we’ve got that microwave thing up there so might come over some something
interesting hopefully it does nothing in a minute here we go it takes slot few
seconds to warm up and let’s go to the RSC post location could have kept the silence built like
so if you look right they can see green and walked out
so here screening water towers there right but you see I mean sir okay yeah
yeah yeah thank ya there you go so water I was over there somewhere you’re
speaking up it probably does expand that so yeah the this site of this wall
observer Court opened 1959 this one shut down 1968 and they’ve demolished the
post apparently it might be under one of
those tanks there why not utilize it instead of destroying it
yeah if we can find any evidence yeah
hopefully we can’t just go and buy what it says on the internet folks share the
counter that’s ten so all sort no more normal swords a big
concrete slab it could be actually yes I could have been here demolished will destroy the post used to ruffle fur
oh you know see that folks that’s telegraph pole for the post why should
we go round up full of that football yeah would be nice for if they haven’t
destroyed it yeah well they like these days people like destroying things
though destroying them to build houses and
stuff that’s all money-making game it’s a sickening history folks I know there’s
a lot of them still around but the more that preserved the better in in our eyes
so yes they call kissing gates was eggs I suppose if you want to go through it
together you’re like sort of nearly kissing baby
maybe folks no it’s not that’s the end of it as well
so that’s not going anywhere else it’s actually that should be commissioned
telephone telegraph pole whatever they called us but that’s a power that’s
power not saying that being what this place is thick the water it might not be
power it might be I know if there’s any telecommunication experts chuckling out
there is that either a power power line or is it a thickened telephone wire or
fiber-optic one the black one you see the two brackets at the top that would
have been for the old story where they wrap the wire around yeah this is definitely definitely signs that
we can’t see any evidence of any no but look at the other way that’s another one
ticked off the list yeah yes it’s under there somewhere although side that’s a little quicker in
the – it’s not now start an apology we’re already doing she was gummy for this dirty people
well so now we take open ends whose clothes ice you see why are people
in the middle of throat this is just a single thing
once you have to drive here he was still driving on the edge watch crash sorry about this so no
signal can we park up and figure out where we’re going this is a maintenance
either left or right this is be 4000 oi that’s kind of pity it’s gonna be yeah
go up there lost your pointer to it right so it’s gonna be on the left
outside if it’s gonna be anywhere I come there there is light
mr. movement this is up more to this over there relax
back to the days without mobile they saw the rise we know first we’ll try you coming oh no he’s
away carry on then after lie
now this is right actually is right to purchase all that the RC book
get back in there boy yeah don’t overtake on the bend that God kind of like noise yeah sixteen PCM you owe him
mr. Fortman once again we caught really popular Sardar back in
me that’s where it was record thank you
ever farmers I’m not only convinced what she was right back up there have a look
okay when it certain softener where what time all while looking impose odd thing I might
be wrong I can assure it’s there Wow gonna come around you sure we spin the
camera let’s do yeah that’s the closest Reuben
so in Arecibo times there is there’s a Ground Zero indicator attachment Thank
You Green is an incredible view is a beautiful view so for a ground Burson
Airbus went off around here folks you would see that for all right let’s go all right so you get ROC post locations
that are still folks us that’s good which way is this one facing this one’s
facing that way isn’t it submit the I’ve not seen that no more
for this area they seem to have galvanized quills don’t know yeah suppose we got a fixed survey meter
radiation detection yeah fixer Vermeer irradiation yep bomb
power indicator see I think you get your GoPro down there we should have charged
him the other one poke it up I think admission getting them off you know huh
Aziza these are places obviously when it wasn’t being used and then oh they used
it they put the stuff take it off and the same as the cap on this take that
off and then put the dish on there and the dome this they did that yeah there’s
the master post indicator yes – yeah there’s different this talk about is it
there about the mast was attached to it or yeah just a cabling not only for
because in summer you can see the cabling from the inside little filter on
the inside there’s something I’m missing off this side as well then I’m sir look
at this side bolted to this oh yeah well know what that was then focus on
real both sides ventilation you know all that might have been known you might
have been in bracket for antenna hey might have been could’ve been wonder if
this one’s got the the rings around it Chris for attached into the antenna of
the ropes the wires all right we should have a quick look well close to the road though innit yeah and you sealed it let us know to it Lots
have a look in your post phone you know I mean the dial on there it’s amazing to
see the paint though I don’t think this is a later hatch nice count away because
you work with clips and stuff on this dill is this new at the step that you’d
yeah different grains so you’ve seen this
done well that looks like than you Kranz your indicator that’s where the
film will be gone in a bread bid yeah yeah yeah and that would have any
blaster went off it would have burned a hole into the paper and I would have
told you diameter yeah well the location yeah yeah and they’ll
go back down report back to the last beauty it being so close to the hatch so
they can just open it I’ll take ya I’ll tell you what some of these though I saw
one of these up north somewhere that was on top of a knoll it be see it to climb
out well sometimes these are on top of the vents jobs okay I’ve seen that
before yeah Hever Castle has got RSC posts made
up in the basement so obviously this would have been up on
the roof or something yeah they don’t open out to the public that’s all even
supper it can get in it yeah what I don’t know still kick it out I’m not
sure I think they did say that they cleaned it out I think we should have a
cup of tea and see on this guarantee got three cups down me so and wait for the
farmer to come over kirisaki rolled on the earth our see
place is clear lovely and clear and what’s that a mushroom thirsty folks
I’ll be done yes you’ll cap your cup cause like sighs
just to give people a perspective of where we are look so T alright see ya we’ll observe a call come on Cilla and
have a cup of tea folks how does that sound it sounds pretty good
it’s a sewer I see post unfortunately or fortunately because then get trashed
that way yes oh and if it’s you getting contacts

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