Lost seal being treated for pneumonia named Dumbledore by vets

A seal found lost in a field in Merseyside,
about 20 miles from the sea, is being treated for pneumonia. The poorly marine mammal has been named Dumbledore by the RSPCA staff who are caring for him. He was found stranded in a farmer’s field
in Newton-le-Willows on December 22nd and was transferred to the animal charity’s Norfolk
centre, which is a specialist seal facility, the following day. After being examined by a vet and undergoing
lots of tests and x-rays, staff say he is making good progress and is expected to make
a full recovery. While it is a mystery how Dumbledore ended
up so far from the sea, it is not unusual for seals to travel far inland. It’s thought Dumbledore could be from a colony
near Hilbre Island in the Dee Estuary.

2 thoughts on “Lost seal being treated for pneumonia named Dumbledore by vets

  1. She was dropped here when they were sucking up moisture to take to the arctic to make ur blizzards with.  Absolute nonsense that seals waddle inland 20 miles away from their families.  Do they think u r just plain stupid or, r u just plain stupid?

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