Lubricant Laxatives/Liquid Paraffin

Welcome back guys. In this video we will see lubricant laxatives. In this we have liquid paraffin. It is a pharmacologically inter, viscous liquid
containing petroleum hydrocarbons. Let’s see its mechanism of action. It lubricates intestinal wall as well as faecal
material. It also retards absorption of water from faecal
material making it softer. This makes the passage of stool smoother. That’s how it works. Now uses. It is used when staring at stool should be
avoided. It’s also used to prevent and treat faecal
impaction in young children and debilitated adults. Now there are several disadvantages with liquid
paraffin. Starting from the top, it is unpalatable due
to its oily constancy. Aspiration in lungs can cause lipid pneumonia. So, it should be taken in upright posture
and should be avoided at bedtime. Coming to intestine, small amount enters the
intestinal mucosa which can cause foreign body granuloma. It decreases absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. So, its long-term use can cause deficiency
of these vitamins. Finally, it delays healing at the anorectal
region. Thats all about lubricant laxatives. If you liked this video, please share it with
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