100 thoughts on “Luke Bryan – Knockin’ Boots (Official Music Video)

  1. i just watched a very revealing video about the canned finger-snap tracks that are taking over country music……….. and now that's all I hear. literally. in every country song.
    guys, stop, please….. use a real drum beat or a guitar…. but don't copy the other guy who copied the other guy who copied the other guy…… it's boring and unoriginal when you all sound the same 🙁

  2. This is one of those song that you can listen to again and again Etc and not get bored from it.Give me a thumbs up if you agree.

  3. Love the song. Hate the video. I thought knocking boots were toe tapping, line dancing, saw dust shaking, stomping boots. Didn't realize the song was about grope dancing.

  4. This is amanda Bentley from Knoxville tn and I LOVE LUKE BRYAN BUT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY MAN MORE David Maples MORE BUT REALLY LOVE THIS SONG

  5. I can't wait to get home because they got a song for everybody and if people new what they were jammin to. Hell yell death is just an easy way out of what you wanted or what you done did to someone.

  6. My three year old daughter heard this song in the car a little over a week ago and when it ended she said, "Boots don't need knockin'! That's silly!". Lol!

  7. Exhuberance meets happiness? Luke can't seems to stop smiling, bigger and bigger..saw some pics..is it possible to be this happy?

  8. If I was Luke, I would be so fucking embarrassed to sing this song. What a fucking joke!!!! The things people will do for millions of dollars…… well actually. I would sing the absolute fuck out of this piece of hot garbage pizza for a milli.

  9. this song is trash and the music video is trash… i love Luke Bryan but he needs to go back to the crash my party days!! this is not country at all

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  12. I dont even like fuckin country but tell you what right now, im on a country binge right now what the hell!! ??? 😂😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

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