Lung Cancer: Can it Cause Pneumonia?

Can lung cancer cause pneumonia? How does pneumonia occur in a person with
lung cancer? Are pneumonia from lung cancer distinct from
pure infectious ones? Watch this video about pneumonia and lung
cancer! You will find all the answers to these questions
and many more! There are bacteria in the whole body. And the lung also contains them. If we are ventilating well all our lung tissue,
the amount of bacteria is stable. But if a tumor grows, this causes a zone of
the lung to be less ventilated or even receive no air (a phenomenon called atelectasis). In this situation mucus and dead cells will
accumulate inside the lung, which makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow. This excessive growth of the bacterial population
will end up in a pneumonia. In fact, sometimes it is the appearance of
a pneumonia what ends up causing us to discover, hidden behind it, a lung cancer. Pneumonia due to lung cancer usually causes
more tiredness than pneumonia that has appeared because the person has contracted an infection.

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