‘Man cold’? Wash your hands, get flu shot

As temperatures drop, so do cold viruses. More than 200 viruses are responsible for the sneezing, sore throats and runny noses that predominate this time of year. And the worst of the lot, according to many, is the man cold, a light hearted description for how many men have a harder time dealing with being sick. Many even admit it. Um, I feel sick and tired and fatigued and I turn into a big baby basically. I have I guess friends who um, have that attitude of just get over it or whatever, I prefer not to get over it. I like to just stick to my bed. Like don’t try to do nice things for him or anything. When it’s over it’s over and we’ll go back to being a nice guy. Andrea Goncz, primary care registered nurse in Sunnybrook’s Family Practice Unit says, she’s seen it firsthand. Sometimes, I do notice that maybe the men’s reports of their symptoms are a little bit inflated, a little bit more dramatic then maybe the women’s reports of symptoms are. While there is no science supporting a gender difference in response to the common cold, there is evidence suggested that women, as the childbearing gender, tend to have higher pain tolerances. If men do have a little bit less pain tolerance they might not deal with those common aches and pains of a cold, flu and then their perceived pain is much higher as well. One study of 1,700 people found that men were more likely to overrate their common cold symptoms. But that’s not to say all women are stoic and immune, as some admit to having had a bad case of the man cold themselves. I think I’m probably in the bed faster. Taking care of myself more. So you have the man cold then? Maybe I do! With Sunnyview, I’m Monica Matys.

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