Man Flu Is REAL

Guys it’s not that hard to prepare for the
winter season, but you know what it is hard to prepare for? Man flu season. Viewers outside of the United States might
be more familiar with this British slang term ‘man flu’ but no matter where you live you
might be familiar with this anecdotal observation that when men get sick with the flu or simply
a cold, they tend to get sicker for longer–I don’t feel so good–Some women might also
report that their husbands or boyfriends also seem to be a bit whinier about their sickness.
Symptoms of man flu tend to involve excessive grumbling, moaning and requests for soups.
But there is a new study out of the Stanford University School of Medicine suggesting that
in fact men might be biologically inclined to yes, come down with man flu. Why did I
do to deserve that? What these Stanford researchers specifically looked at was how men and women
responded to an influenza vaccine and they found that it was most effective in women
and men with lower levels of testosterone. I want pizza rolls. That hormone which has
naturally elevated levels in the male body versus the female body has anti-inflammatory
effects. Oh anti-inflammatory that sounds like a good thing. Actually if you have some
kind of infection or a virus or some kind of bacteria that’s attacking the inside of
your body making you feel really bad, that is stopping that inflammatory immune response
that will then attack that bacteria or whatever is infecting your body. I think I’m dying.
It appears that estrogen might be doing us ladies a big old solid because it seems to
benefit that inflammatory process. Evolutionarily speaking, mothers needed to be strong and
healthy to take care of all those babies. Hah. So if you’re a lady that might be frustrated
that a guy in her life is coming down with a bout of man flu–I can feel all of my bones–remember
that the female body might be able to weather sickness a little bit better than the male
body. But guys are also less likely to go to the doctor compared to women, which means
that by the time they’re actually in bed and sick they might be really, really, really
sick. You ever have Nyquil dreams? They’re so messed up. So is man flu real? Well so
far the research is on your side guys. Or on man flu’s side. I don’t know whose side
man flu would actually be. But what do you think about man flu? Have you observed that
women tend to get well faster, have you observed that men might be a little more dramatic in
their sickness? Vice versa, are women simply making all of this up and we are actually
the cry babies when it comes to sickness? Let me know in the comments below and hey
if you’re watching this and you’re under the weather, you might have the flu because it
is peak flu season, I hope you get to feeling better. Stay hydrated. And watch lots of my
videos. That’s doctor’s orders.

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