100 thoughts on “Man Suffering from the Flu Being Kept in Isolation from Family

  1. My mom said that in my family every time one of us get their flu shot hit doesn't work and then when we get the flu it's even worse

  2. Omg I just got out of school because they think I am sick and im wearing a mask
    1 like – 1 hope of me getting better

  3. I didn’t get my flu shot and I’m like one of the only kids not sick with the flu !! So is it really necessary genuinely asking not being sarcastic??

  4. Its funny because i never took a flu shot, maybe when i was little but idk, but i havent got the flu once XD

  5. dis fake because it do not take that long for a flu to go away if it did you would’ve been died by than

  6. I remember when me and my sister had the flu, we share a room too, we were qrouintien, we didn’t eat dinner first night

  7. I hate the news girl she thinks every thing is disgusting it's like she thinks that she is more important than other people like she is the queen or something she is the one that is disgusting she is so annoying

  8. I got the Flu after I came back from vacation from Cambodia JUST BECAUSE I WAS GONE FROM NZ FOR 5 WEEKS WHY DID I DESERVE THE FLU

  9. I had the flu for the very first time this year I was told to stay inside and when I went outside to cover my mouth my case of the flu was Deadly.

  10. I ones had the flu in a whole month and I was actually dying, I couldn't breath, I was really warn, I couldn't rest, and I couldn't even move, ending up going to the hospital, after a while I was finally getting better

  11. I got my flu shot 6 years in a row and gotten the flu 6 years in a row. This year I skipped the shot and no flu. 🙄 still getting it next year though. Better safe than sorry I guess.

  12. I like he said forget the who ha about the flu shot. Still get it. He never told us why we should still get it. He didn't even add in that the flu shot is still affective. He didn't say that at all. Just said still get the shot. Noice

  13. The Dr. wants u 2 get ur flu shot..& every vaccine he can push on u & ur children!! He gets a bonus 4 every vaccine goal he meets. & They know exactly what their pushing!!

  14. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and start administering them at or under cost then? When an authority on a subject recommends something to everyone that said authority profits from, it's natural for people to be cautious. It makes them look less like an authority and more like a salesman.

  15. Hmm I haven't got the flu shot. I do wash my hands sometimes…..and I do touch my face a lot…..yet I don't got the flu….Well I soon to be dead

  16. Why is no one talking about the hot doctor in this means house?

    P.s. called him hit doctor because people called him something like that in the internet

  17. Flu shots DO NOT WORK. There’s 2 strains you can have strain A but they give you the shot for strain B and you’ll STILL get sick. Vice versa on the strains, you have B but they give you strain A shot. Same result.

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