Man’s strep throat infection leads to amputations

Julie: I just had no concept that that could even happen and obviously you know come to find out that he was the second male for this ever to happen, it’s pretty unusual. Kevin: I mean, I have the scars. He cut me right down the middle just to do exploratory surgery on me. That’s when they found a liter and a half of pus inside of me. Julie: We’re starting everything was starting to shut down so between the medicine and going into septic shock is what caused the hands and the feet, um but also kept him alive, so very thankful for that. Kevin: I guess I think about more how do I use my hands again? How do I pick up this key fob? Or pick up whatever? I can’t do that right now so to me it’s not so much sitting back to say why it’s me? It’s let’s get to the next step of how do I get to pick it up? How do I get to do some of the stuff? I was pretty independent before, um, and to not have that independence is a struggle, so it pushes you to just to want to do it on your own. What do I have to learn? What do I have to? I don’t know, what else do I have to do? Which all I have to do is wait for surgeries. It kind of sucks but it is what it is. So I still have that go-get-’em attitude that I will conquer it kind of attitude, but I kind of had that going into it, so the good thing is is it has it slowed me down as far as that goes but it’s definitely sat me in and cheering I’ve had more patience and I know I won’t be able to water ski to a level that I was able to before, but I would like to be able to water ski again to some levels. To me that would be a big deal say ‘hey I did it, I did this’. Just on a smaller level just walking again. Being able to get up and go to the bathroom all by myself. That would be another big goal that I would have. It seems simple, but I can’t do it right now so. Julie: There is a lot of short-term goals and a lot term goals, you know.

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