McLeod TeleHealth | Program Highlight

[Music] I’m Hope Camper. I’m the school nurse here at South Florence High School along with Brittany Waller. There are two nurses here at South Florence and we are participating with three other schools in FS1 in the McLeod TeleHealth program. This is a mechanism that is designed to improve the health service to our students. So, when they come to the nurse’s office here at South Florence and we determined that they really could be helped if they were able to see a physician. If they are running a fever, their throat looks horrible, if they have an earache, if they’re, you know, complaining of symptoms that might be flu or might be strep. So, if they have parental consent and if we determined that, man, it would be lovely if this student could see a physician. Then we proceed with the process of, you know, talking with a student, talking with the parents and seeing if they would like us to proceed with a TeleHealth appointment. And then we come to this room, and we get an appointment made with the provider from McLeod that will follow up and we’ll do basically, you know, a physical with the student and describe the symptoms that we have. And the nice thing about this program is there are, you know, they have the otoscope, you know, we can look and throat, nose, ears. They have the stethoscope where we can listen to heart and lungs. We can really clearly picture if they have rashes or abscesses or anything on the skin. The physician on the other side can clearly see those and, you know, make a judgment about how they might proceed. We have seen lots of horrible throats and ears and so that’s something that can be addressed nicely by TeleHealth. So, I would say that’s by far the more, most frequent thing that we have. If kids are running fevers and their tonsils are enlarged and, you know. We, if we can get them seen we can and then we’ve also had student with, you know, like a skin condition that they can see and come in. [Lisa Wallace] I think the biggest benefit
of it is the fact that we can connect to the patient while they’re at school. We also have, have the capability to connect the parent or guardian on the visit as well, while they’re at at home or they’re at work, so it’s convenient for both the child and the parent. It also gives us the capability to send medications through electronic e-prescribing. So, it’s just a quick, convenient way to have a child seen and then decrease the amount of visits to their primary care. I think it has huge potential. I know that just nationally telehealth is an increasingly prevalent system that people are trying to tap into and use and see how it might be beneficial for patients or potential patients. Here in the school I, we have a lot of students that can really benefit from it. It means that then the parent doesn’t have to take off work and take them to the doctor and so that element. We also have lots of students here that go to the emergency room for things like a sore throat. So the opposite end of the spectrum it, I hope, what our intent is that it helps to keep students out of the emergency room that really don’t need to be there. [Lisa Wallace] It does have a capability to hopefully decrease the risk of infectious disease throughout school. Like, like I said flu is coming up, strep… So, we hope to get those children seen rather quickly and kind of decrease the risk of infection to other students. I think overall is just a win-win for all involved especially the children, the parents, the community, school district, all the stakeholders. School nurses have been fabulous at getting these children seen and their assessment skills are outstanding. And they’ve been really the, instrumental in pushing this program as well. It’s a good program. We appreciate, McLeod has worked really, really hard. I mean, this is a new program for them too. So, they’ve worked really hard to make it and we have really great contact with them as far as any issues any problems, any ah, you know, there’s a
lot of interactivity between the group so that’s really nice.

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