Medical Monday ‘Can you stop a Cold?’ 18/9/2017

They say there’s no cure for the common cold
But can you stop it before it takes hold Even though they say there’s no cure
You can lessen the severity of that I’m sure
And if you catch it in time it will be no more
Stop it in it’s tracks cancel the tour This works for me believe me it’s real
As soon as certain symptoms I feel I know what to drink for me to get heal
Echinacea tea with some Goldenseal Might even add a pinch of cayenne pepper
Write the virus an eviction letter Be your bodies’ Bay leaf (Bailiff) remove
the spreader Then you see how quick you get better
Feel the symptoms sign of attack Boost your defences and you fight back
Get that virus give it all that you got Tell the virus, how dare you invade my spot
You got an immune system, put it to use Under attack then give it a boost
Antibodies yes make it produce Naturally just let them loose
What works for me that works for me Might not work for everybody
What works for you post your remedy. Put it in the comments so we all can see
A Medical Monday Yes Iyah

83 thoughts on “Medical Monday ‘Can you stop a Cold?’ 18/9/2017

  1. Thank you Macka B, another great groovy informative video! I have lots of fresh garlic and it always does the job. Chopped tomato with fresh chopped garlic or hot water with lemon honey ginger and garlic.

  2. Thyme tea- decongestant.
    Always hammer the home made veg soup with plenty of ginger and chilli.

    Tom yum broth is a fighter.
    Galangal, lemon grass, chilli, ginger, soya sauce, kafi lime leaves is the soup base.

    Coloidial silver liquid couple of teaspoons full 3 times a day.

  3. Apple cider vinegar widda mother, add a bitta honey.
    Stops ya nose gettin runny.
    Y u laughing u think it's funny? Give it a try and put your mouth where ya money.

  4. For me you see i beat that cold away, drink a bit of caffine to get me through the day, eat some spicy food to sort out my head, make sure I curl up early in bed. Snack on my fruit to get my vitamin c, swollen garlic whole-getting healthy as can be. Have a hot bath , exercise and rest. Use your vegan powers guys, don't let the cold be a pest!

  5. When I'm fightin a cold, I make my chicken soup (also good fer hangovers). I use chicken thighs (leave them bones in). Cook'em up in the bottom o the pot with fresh minced garlic n chopped yellow onion. Iodized salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, n add water. Then I add my vegetables. Chopped celery, okra, n bell peppers. Most importantly, I add chopped turnip. Turnip is great fer the immune system an the liver. If I got'em, add some turnip greens, too. Much recommended. Chicken can be substituted with pintos, but ya lose the medicinal value of the non-processed chicken.

  6. I drink lemon water and I add cayenne pepper to most food I eat. Seems to work most of the time and when it doesn't, my cold only lasts 24-48 hours.

  7. My cold starts with a sore throat before a cold and I go with lemon, garlic, ginger and honey. That works better than all that expensive OTCs that make your pressure go up and have you feeling groggy. Thanks for sharing and many blessing.
    Oh, yea! Plenty of water

  8. once you feel the itch on your tonsils and know you'll get ill the next day, gargle salty water. achinocea is the closest thing to cure once you got it, with loads of lemon. best way to unblock your inflamed nose is to go for a quick jog, but that doesn't work for long though. yo macka b, give me shout please, i've been with you before wha me ea got viral.

  9. Oil of oregano is said to have antiviral properties. I keep a bottle of oregano oil gel caps in my medicine cabinet. Echinacea has had proven, tangible results in immune system boosting for me and many people I know. I think the capsules form is a sure bet, tablets seem less effective, and the Echinacea tea is pretty good too.

  10. Yo Macka B! My remedy be ginger, honey, chilies and a pinch of turmeric in a nice mint herbal tea infusion. Maybe a squeeze of lemon in there too.

  11. Raw garlic clove for 48h and the drink you prescribing 😉
    As well olive leaf tincture very good too. All depends on each individual immune system level

  12. Greetings!
    When I feel the cold
    First symptons
    Here is wa' I do
    Turmeric and ginger
    Put me back to foot.
    Grated with hot wo'ter
    No better remedy
    Might add a lemon, if u have'any.
    Just don't use honey. Exploring the bees? – No, let them be.

  13. At very first signs I juice citrus fruits, green peppers, garlic, carrots, apples & add cayenne pepper…3x a day. It works☺️

  14. I am a huge fan of reggae. I smoke herb I am an alcoholic though and I want to go to the natural mystic. I've been watching your videos and you have gave me so much inspiration to stop drinking anf.libe healthier.

  15. Lemon n loads a ginger  and cocos water put a little moringa and give thanks to the father 😉  … 
    loads of warm love and respect Macka

  16. i boost my immune system by eating high anti oxidant fruits and vegetables. every one around me gets the flu while i barely sneeze! lol

  17. My cold kickin' remedy is 1 Tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with fresh raw garlic. 😀

  18. Garlic! it is magic! Best trick i know with something that i grow
    Natures best anti viral pill helps you even if youre already ill

  19. Yes Macka B respect and keep doing what you're doing. You give me so much inspiration. I use Ginger, Lemon, Limes, Oranges and Garlic. Do one on brain food to reach a higher consciousness.

  20. When I get the common cold I have soup and tea and I get some sleep. And if that doesn't help then I'll take the medicine that is required. 🙂

  21. Thank you, Macka B, for the opportunity to share what works for me. My remedy is oranges! I mean to consume some everyday, when I do I never catch the cold. When I slack off and I catch it I just double the dose I would consume on the regular and I stop the cold. As a teacher and singer I cannot afford to get sick, and oranges are my faithful defenders. BTW, after making orange juice or eating the orange (lesser sugar consumption because if it's OJ mixed with water I gotta add sugar), I later boil the white flesh and peel to make orange tea, to which I just add salt to lessen the bitterness. They say the white part and peel have even more vitamin C than the juicy part.

  22. Here's what works for me: drink cup after cup of peppermint tea! Drop in some honey, hits right on the money. Take a warm shower, eat fruit to give you power.

  23. when I miss the window to stop it and I do get sick, I drink ginger, lemon, honey and mint tea. All the ingredients have to be fresh. Drink one in the day, one at night for 2 days and it should be gone.

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