Medication for Cold during Pregnancy

So what do you tell your patients yes
you can take and no don’t touch it if you have just a simple cold or allergy? Right well in the first trimester you really want to try to avoid to take
anything at all if you can avoid it the first trimester is really an important
time of development all those organs are being formed and most medications are
not tested in pregnancy but tylenol I tell my patients it’s okay to take
tylenol you really want to avoid the nonsteroidals that would be your motrin
no aspirin at all and really if there’s anything going on
ask your doctor and that’s the safest thing to do. But be careful because we
always hear about over-the-counter medications if you have a cold I mean I
know people who lock up on sudafed as soon as they get a cold I
mean that’s got to be a red light to anybody right away to be very careful do
you really have to tell people that sometimes it look you’re pregnant now do
not just go over the counter and grab something or do people have again some
level of common sense to be able to think that through. Right well all the
medications when you read that label they’re going to say ask your doctor and
they do the allergy medications is a pretty safe group to take you know your
zyrtec your Allegra so that will frequently help people when they are
sick and after the first trimester it is a little bit safer to take a larger
variation of medication for colds and other problems so the safest thing to do
is to always ask.

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