4 months later… Ahh! Hairs !! Oh yeah, July, still… Damn, I slept long. Well… So… Comments, comments… Huum: “Stormy, all the clichés of Nu metalheads, prepubescent… we don’t want to see at festivals and which would do better to listen to Kyo ” Ah that’s nice. “My dick… dipped in… harissa… will make you sneeze…… in the ass.” * Snap * Next! “Ohlalah you are so dark with your mittens and your tobacco packs… -_-” Hmm ‘right. “My rolled cigarette… in the anus of your dog……… farting on your grandfather… doggy style.” “It just shows the intellectual limitations of all pimply bumpkins of Metal still good at making Mosh Pit disguised as dick at Hellfest ” Weird… No, I’ll go check, you wait for me there, I come back. .. I drive to the festival It’s cool, there are signs where there’s marked “Festival” There’s a lot of gothic zombie who laugh at my jokes. “Gothic zombie Hordes swept into the city!” This is pretty cool! There’s a big guitar that looks like my dick! There has no more spaces for parking, no free place! We ask the lady… to the nice lady! “You must go to the roundabout and turn left…” Anyway that’s it. First concert: there are circle pits! I’m staying planted behind, like a dick! That’s it, that’s two time I said the word “dick!” “It’ll still be talking haters…” Dick !! DICK !!!!! Second concert: it is already the fight! Me, it’s not my thing so I stand there like an idiot So the next one who says I do not know how to hold me I fuck him! And I fried him in my frying pan with .. “Yeah right, here, I confess…” I’m not disguised as a banana… Don’t do bullshits at festival… If you have the misfortune to pogo The angry haters will come to you shit you ! Raise your fist! I’m not disguised as a dick! (5 th time) Even if yours is small… I am in my Jacuzzi You raging in your jealousy. Hi, it’s Stormy! Hello and welcome to Hi all, rabbits band! Haha! It’s been awhile since I had not made videos… I missed you. You missed me. We missed each other. * Clap-clap-clap “: 3 So today, band of little bunnies, we head to the rising sun And as everyone has already do it and I want to do so, here is the Japanese gimmick: “This is fucking Japan !!” “Here t’is.” That’s it! So then enter the heart of the subject with: “Makusimumu Za Horumonu !” Maximum The Hormone! No, this is not a doping product for body-builders, nor your growth’s hormone. “Viagra!” But a Metal band sub-genre as…. I do not know what, honestly… Formed in 98, Japan in Hachioji. So, yes yes, I know this group is very popular but still less than Metallica. And fuck you! Then: Amateurs of subgenres of all kinds, you’ll eat noodles my Cocos Charlie! Where to begin with this group of freaks? The group is actually a contraction of several styles, such as: Punk, Hardcore, Funk, Ska and even small children nursery rhymes! Kawaii !! : 3 But unlike some groups of Experimental Metal or Progressive Metal The brand knows remain consistent despite leaving in all directions. It’s simple, just listening to a single one song of the band can really impersonate you like a bipolar someone if you listen to it in public. “But what do you do…?” “Actually, we’re shooting a skit for videos on YouTube…” “Okay bye..” “bye” With six albums under their belt, the group has been soaring in Japan with the release of their fourth album in 2007: “Buikkikaesu !!” Which contains many hits likely to appeal to a wide audience. It’s catchy, completely demented and style’s lovers will be served. And with their new popularity, they were fortunate to have two of their tracks as the Opening and Ending from Death Note. Anyway, let’s go a little back to all these people and talk about the band and their live performances I apologize in advance for the quality of pictures, but I really struggled to find them I even tried to buy them but huum: $ 98 !! But what did you smoke? !!! Even DVD Collector Metallica is not as expensive So yeah, I have managed to find streaming on Youku. No, no, it’s not a joke, the Chinese Youtube is called Youku. But as I do not understand it was hard to get out… Damn, but it’s still crazy to pay so much for a DVD! In these times of crisis, the entire economy of Japan depends on Maximum The Hormone “I did not understand everything but…” Now get out of my office! The Maximum The Hormone strength probably lies in the fact that group’s members are irreplaceable. They all have their peculiarities in the group and their own personalities. So let’s start by the most charismatic member to me: Nope! This is not the singer, although he is still often ahead to the main vocalist. His job is guitar, clear voice, hysterical passages and resemble to Yajirobe. Seriously, there’s a resemblance anyway. *Pwint* Guitar part : is very rich, so he can make Punk Rock riffs, good ol Hardcore riffs solos only when it is necessary, and sometimes nonsenses. Voice’s part : as I said, clear voice for choruses But also an impressive flow! Well I do not know if you have already heard speak Japanese but we must follow eh Guys have flow from birth. This is clearly the one who draws attention in concert with his facial expressions, the way he move and the way he look at the microphone as if he was going to eat it. “Yum yum, microphone!” But even if his game scene is insane, he never speaks between songs. “Eat my indifference” “I don’t give a shit.” “I’m picking my nose!” Then Daisuke, not this one, sorry girls! The lead singer, the one who handles the screamed voice, with his own stamp, acute and fast! But he uses both his deep voice: Or even extremely severe voice… “too deathcore lol!” And like Ryo, he has the flow. And lyrically, there are some great stuff : Let’s go for karaoke… aw okay alright” ” Can we skip it… ?” “Fuck!” “Fuck it !!! ” ” Thank you! ” Drums : Nao Kawakita, which as its name does not indica…… * ahem * 🙁 “As its name does not indicate…” Who, as its name does not indicate, is a girl. She is the older sister of Ryo, so guys, no-touch, otherwise: “What did you do there ?!!” “I’ll smash you!” “It is very the sadness. RIP Daisuke.” From the nickname of “Nao” Surely she can not be embodies the beauty symbol but her talent is undeniable. Damn she’s 40?! It’s crazy, Asian never get older… * squeaker* And also she often sings along with her rhythmic. Or alone, as in the intro to Yoshu Fukushu I must say she has a very nice voice though. Fuck! That is a drummer with fucking style! Finally, it is also her who speaks at concerts, standing before her drum! Damn… she got mad… And who drives the entire audience in their…. sect. But what does LICRA? Okay I admit that I maybe put this scene out of context. But what do you want me to understand? They speak Japanese! ‘All with me! We will clear the French from the audience! ” ” Heil !!! Yeah !! ” ” I have no idea of what they say, but it seems good! ” ” Look over there, French people! Attack !! ” But the only complaint I have to do on this drummer is THIS : !! Shut up Shut up Shut up !! Shut your fucking big mouth !! ” Eh! How do you talk to my sister you ? ” No, I don’t say anything eh… It’s not me… But still, it’s like when you’re listening to a song, relaxed And then there’s someone coming and: “Stormy, are you okay? ” “Well… Let’s move on.” Ue-Chan, bassist who like other bass players is the most discreet and most classy of the group according to some. He is, as you can see, a fan of Flea, bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers He borrows his playing: His attitude on stage and even his tattoo. Michael Balzary, Made in China! His real name, Futoshi Uerara, he is the youngest of the group, hence its nickname “Ue-Chan”. “Chan” that is a cute suffix to refer to children or be affectionate. Well I’ll look like a homo, but it’s true we want to cuddle him when he sings. “Oooow he is pissed…” * o * No, I withdraw. He is a real man! Unclean. And in the end we realize that the game scene is super effective and takes the entire audience in a demented madness! Although it is true that the Japanese are known as an outstanding public for an example in Arch Enemy live DVD to name a few where the entire audience sang, all in chorus, above all solos. All these people was full and we can move on to the “Hits!” As usual, I apologize for the quality of videos For their first album, they decided to delete everything to really change the image, then… Prepare your seals to v… Prepare your seals to vomit… Prepare your seals to vomit eye From the album, Buikkikaesu, one of the most famous songs of the group: “What’s Up People?” Second Opening of the anime Death Note. From the same album: Zetsubou Billy. Second Ending Death Note. And finally: Koi No Mega Lover. The title which introduced the group in Japan. As usual Live on DVD, I would strongly advise you: Debu vs Debu. The first live DVD, which dates from 2005. Even better: Deco vs Deco , which dates from 2008. They are unfortunately not available on YouTube obviously, but watchable on the site Youku. Come on, move to my favorites! Ok, alright I explain the “mwin” thing: Actually, it’s just that at the end of some of their songs that end up in a noisy style They put this noise out : There, there. It’s funny… Hmm! From the album : Buikkikaesu And I know the fans of the group have been waiting for it from the beginning: This so cute song that stucks in your head and does not want to get out and shit rainbow sky butterflies in your head and even my red bar that displays the titles will explode !! It was a long sentence. Sing Along! From the album, Yoshu Fukushu “Tsume, Tsume, Tsume” ‘Cause the chorus is too powerful. And I just farted out the album of my ass. Then: [F] Yeah right: [F] Hair Song !! (Hair=Poil) And finally: A.L.I.E.N. ‘Cause this is one of the most violent group titles. To summarize, Maximum The Hormone is a group that changes our earing habits and our occidentals standards. All very unpretentiously, with lots of second degree It is one of the only groups that have long existed and which have not declined since, in a style completely off-topic. Besides, I just saw that they put a new clip online. Well, we’ll go watch that. Why are they doing this? You are not good people! Good, I take back what I said, Maximum The Hormone is shit. Damn… They’re back.

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